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Hindu Fascism: An All-American Threat

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/01/18/hindu-fascism-all-american-threat

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All over the world, it seems that throughout history ----religions seem to fight mental and physical wars about whose god( s) and beliefs show the REAL and JUSTIFIED religion— So often religions create humans whose actions are horrific and so ungodly.—and truly inhuman : (


The rotten fruit doesn’t fall too far from the money tree.


It seems that any capitalists from India have made their way to socialist and capitalist countries.
Here they are our cardiovascular doctors and the gas station and motel owners.
Let’s hope they don’t join the fascists here.

They revere cows in India, so you see few flipping cow burgers.

Just as nations around the globe including the US were under pressure to adopt European fascism during the 1930s, ever since Saint Ron escalated fascism in the US nearly four decades ago we have seen fascism spring up in nations around the world.

During the 1990s the company I worked for had a Hindu fundamentalist client. One of my direct reports was a Moslem (not the least bit extreme) and the Hindu client was very abusive toward my direct report, giving me a serious lesson that there are extremists from many religious groups and they are ALL dangerous and need to be kept marginalized.

Trump/Pence in particular and the GOP in general are showing us the dangers of fascists empowering extreme Christians while Modi is showing us the dangers of fascists empowering extreme Hindus.


Is it true that one NRC and CAA is implemented then despite having a passport / pan card / aadhar card / tax returns / property documents etc each person residing in India regardless of their religion , age and gender will have to stand in queue and submit documents to prove their citizenship ?
India a country of 1.2 Billion Population , 2nd largest population on earth !! Did the govt of India calculate the cost of this exercise?
India a leader in the field of IT , produced CEOs of Google and MS and so many other fortune 500 companies doesn’t have a more efficient mechanism for doing this ?
This is insulting for each citizen , opposing this is nothing to do with opposing Hindus or being anti national.
To add more insult to injury muslims if unable to produce documents are afraid of going to detention centers.
I don’t think my parents who are in 70s can produce their birth or marriage certificates. And even if they can but why should they be subjected to this ? for what ?
Is this is the only way to find out who is an Indian and who is not ?


Very good article indeed. More power to them there and here. It is rather odd though that the name Tulsi Gabbard isn’t brought up for at least discussion.


Organized religion: humans worshipping themselves and each other.


religion is always used as a weapon by the powerful, but the weakness of this post is that it doesn’t also call out the Islamic regimes. If India is “fascist” what is Pakistan, Bangla Desh, Afghanistan, Iran etc even worse than India how much freedom there for Hindus, Buddhists, Christians, Jews, Bahais, atheists…

This is a complete propaganda and nothing else. Facts on the ground are completely different. There is no substance in this article. This is so wrongly and falsely accusing a great tolerant nation. Today Hindu’s are getting Brutally persecuted in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh and they Have audacity to just defame Hindustan. Blinded by personal hate and greed people are bullying such a peaceful community. So shameful !

The open letter in the article (to Rajamoorthy) did mention Tulsi Gabbard, I think. The link to Arundhati Roy’s article in The Nation is interesting. I’ve read her articles on “the mass graves of Kashmir” - as the Guardian termed it - but apparently most Western mainstream media are ignoring them.