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Hiroshima Mayor, Survivors, and Activists Call for Nuclear Weapons Ban 73 Years After US Bombing


Hiroshima Mayor, Survivors, and Activists Call for Nuclear Weapons Ban 73 Years After US Bombing

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

While European and Iranian leaders work to salvage the Iran nuclear deal after President Donald Trump withdrew the United States in May and reimposed his first round of sanctions on Monday, activists, surviviors, and Hiroshima Mayor Kazumi Matsui marked the 73rd anniversary of the U.S. dropping an atomic bomb on the Japanese city by calling for the total elimination of the world's nuclear weapons.


A Nuclear Weapons Ban can only work if Dinosaurs like Trump and Putin are retired to the Tar Pits.


Insanity! Insanity! Insanity!


By ignoring limits to money and power, Darwinist conservatives are taking the world straight to the pits of hell.

Balance in all things…


Working for a world free from nuclear



The ability to end all life on the planet and usher in the sixth mass extinction brings security Japan? Or the U.S? or any nuclear armed nation? This is one of the great oxymorons of our time… security through mutually assured destruction.
Every legitimate academic study or poll out there has shown massive support for the abolition of nuclear weapons. When most people who ‘oppose’ the nuclear weapon ban are polled, they generally prove ill informed and/or victims of corporate propaganda. Therefore any government’s support of a nuclear deterrent is proof positive that the government is NOT a representative democracy! Universal healthcare, acting aggressively on global warming and taxing the wealthy are also good examples of having popular support across all demographics yet somehow none of these issues affect the government’s decision to ignore them.
Until Japan or the U.S. or Russia elect politicians who steadfastly refuse to give into the corporate agenda, ‘We the People’ are nothing more than comfortable frogs in a ever warming pot of water. If ANY politician cannot come out and speak truth to power, don’t vote for him or her! Even anarchy is preferable to the cabal of corporate sycophants that pull the levers of power.


And yet the US has never apologised for its use of WMDs and instead indoctrinates its citizens (and all citizens of the Anglophone Empire) with a false narrative that infuses the crime with claims of righteousness. No wonder then that our moral sense is so twisted that we accept without question the continued murder of millions of citizens of other countries for the supposed crime of possessing WMDs, as if our self-sanctioned possession and use gave us a moral right to do so. Only if might is right: our pretence of rejecting that position makes us hypocrites as well as liars and murderers.


The sixth mass extinction is already well under way. We only need neoliberal economics to continue unabated to achieve it.


I agree that the sixth mass extinction is already underway, but I also believe if everyone could actually get together and resist corporate government, we would have a chance to slow this down and possibly even reverse it in a few generations. I struggle all the time on how we can all go about it to prevent our seemingly imminent demise. Though it seems impossible now, I will refuse to give up until my last dying breath.


We have to always remember the millions of people the Japanese murdered in Korea, Philippeans, and China. The crimes were unspeakable and Imperial Japan refused to surrender despite repeated warnings from the West.