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Hiroshima, Presidential Campaigns and Our Nuclear Future


Hiroshima, Presidential Campaigns and Our Nuclear Future

Robert Dodge

Seventy-one years ago on August 6th and 9th the world entered the nuclear age with the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, killing and injuring in excess of 200,000 immediately and untold additional fatalities from lingering radiation effects.


"Only former candidate Sanders proposed working to eliminate nuclear weapons" ?

This example of Mr. Dodge ignoring the Green Party's stance against nuclear weapons contributes to nuclear proliferation by giving the illusion that the two corporate parties are the only choices voters have.

Germany, where 10% of the Bundestag seats are held by Greens has lead the industrial world in nuclear weapons reduction AND elimination of nuclear power.

Keep doing what you have always been doing and you will keep getting what you have always been getting.

Ditch the red and blue domestic anachronisms and vote for the global thinking GREEN Party.


"President Obama has the opportunity to lead in the final months of his presidency by declaring a US "no first use policy""? After Obama's Trillion dollar/30 year upgrade and expansion of our nuclear arsenal and delivery systems, even that modest fantasy seems a distant illusion. Making the world safe for arms industry profits seems to be Obama's focus.........

“Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds.”

Obama received the Nobel Peace Prize, and as in so many other areas has betrayed his promise and the expectations of his rhetoric. He has been a tool of the MICC war-machine and security state - no doubt concerned with "jobs" creating weapons of death, and the actual slaughter of "enemies" and innocents alike via the Drone Wars and so much more!

The Nobel Prize awarded to Obama was a travesty of vast proportions and astonishing betrayal of others who received that accolade that actually worked for peace and deserved it, not just talked about it.........




The report that Trump asked why can't we use nuclear weapons three times during a security briefing got a lot of people's attention. When it was learned that he didn't know what the nuclear triad was that should have been the end of him as a candidate. How can someone grow up during the 50s and 60s in the US and not know what the nuclear triad is? He even went to a military high school because of behavior problems at home. Hard to believe he never heard about the nuclear triad there. His lack of knowledge as a presidential candidate is unfathomable. It is no wonder so many people in the national security field are truly scared about him possibly having access to the nuclear code and being the one person in the US with the authority to launch nuclear weapons.


1) John Kennedy did, in fact, lead the world towards disarmament - unilaterally. He was eliminated - then his brother was eliminated.

2) Bernie Sanders had his chance to walk the talk when he was graciously and unselfishly offered the leadership of the Green Party by Jill Stein. His refusal marks him as just another mainstream politician.

3) In what sense is "the choice ours", since the democracy we talk of is just so much blather, and zero substance.

I appreciate David Dodge's attempt to return to sanity, and the institutions to which he is affiliated.

It seems to me still physically possible to restore some semblance of order in the upcoming election, by voting for a third party.

And what are the chances that the 'electorate' will realize the power in their hands, and act responsibly - do you think?



No, not "only" Sanders. Dr Jill Stein of the Green Party calls for nuclear abolition, cancellation of nuclear weapons spending, reduction of the military budget by 50%, and cancellation of the drone murder program (supported by Sanders).


One solution would be to turn over all the world's nuclear weapons to the United Nations and let them decide if, when and where to use them.


The question is not who has access to the codes or authority to push the button but the character of the person with that authority. Hillary has shown her character to be such that she would push the button to further her goals; thinking Libya, Ukraine, and Honduras. As soon as Trump finds out what he will lose personally in a nuclear exchange, there being no real estate insurance for nuclear events, he would have second thoughts. If I had to bet I would put my money on Hillary pushing the button. I extend my middle finger to you in your support this lesser human.


Oh dear do not ever do that. The UN oversees everything nuclear. They took away health and nuclear from WHO and give it to the nuclear industry. Think Fukushima!


VJ Day plus 60
Steve Osborn

15 August, 1945 and the world went wild!
The insanity that had begun in 1939 was over.
Imperial Japan had surrendered, its one wish granted.
Few knew it had been trying to surrender for months,
Asking only to keep its Emperor, but no one would listen.
Except a small group who wondered why.

We had a lesson to teach, to Japan and the world at large.
16 July, 1945, in the American desert, Trinity was detonated.
Far more powerful than expected, the superweapon worked!
Horrified, many scientists said, “It must never be used.”
The war department said, “Just what we need.”
Intelligence said, “They’re trying to surrender.”

“Bomb an offshore deserted island,” the scientists said.
“Maybe it won’t go off,” the military said, “we’d look foolish.”
“Destroying a city without warning is barbaric,” said the diplomats.
“They really want to surrender,” said intelligence.
“We’ll call the city a military target,” said Truman,
“The Russians will get a big surprise.”

6 August 1945, an elderly gardener looked up from his spade
Admiring the silver plane flying far above.
His shadow remains etched in the concrete wall behind him.
Schoolchildren, housewives, tradesmen
Blown to rags of flesh or vaporized, the lucky ones.
Thousands of others doomed to slow death and disease.

“They keep asking for someone to take their surrender,” said intelligence,
“Can’t we at least talk to them?”
“They have to be taught a lesson and the world must see our power,”
Said the military,” Besides, we have to test the second bomb.”
And so the wheels were set in motion for the second demonstration
Of Hell on earth.

9 August 1945, above the city of Kokura, the Gods of Chance roll the dice.
A hundred thousand or more go about their business,
Unsuspecting of the doom flying above the thick cloud cover.
In Nagasaki, the people enjoyed the sunshine as the cloud cover broke.
“Secondary target is clear,” and their world suddenly ended in fire and shock
And radiation sleeting through their bodies.

“Now let them surrender,” said the military, “The test is completed.”
Two cities vaporized, two hundred thousand dead,
Survivors to suffer, some for days, some for decades,
And the nuclear arms race begun.
“By golly, we sure showed them!”
“We’ll let them keep their Emperor.”

15 August, 1945 and the world went wild!
The end of the war and of war itself!
There was dancing in the streets and love in the parks,
The blackouts ended in the streets and the homes.
Japan and Germany licked their wounds,
In Washington and the Kremlin, midnight oil was burning.

15 August 2005, nations have risen and fallen;
War and genocide again ravage the world.
Treaties made by thoughtful men have been discarded
In the name of profit and greed; nuclear horror again hovers
Over a world exhausted by war, famine and disease.
Only the aging survivors remember the bloody lesson, taught so long ago.

Steve Osborn
15 August 2005
I Have Seen the Dragon

I have seen the Dragon
Through clenched lids and arms pressed tight.
I have felt its hot breath on my back
And listened to the rumble of its voice.

I have looked upon its breath,
Glowing Amethyst, red and purple,
Climbing towards the stratosphere
To deposit its venom downwind.

I have waited in fear as my gums began to bleed
And my hair came out in clumps.
I breathed a prayer of thanks
As I began to heal.

After fifty years, our ranks are thin,
We who have seen the Dragon and survived.
Those who have died or are sickened still,
Their numbers are legion.

All we can hope for, work for, pray for,
Is that no madman will ever be allowed
To unleash the Dragon again.
For its legacy to all is death, disease and decay.

© Stephen M. Osborn
2 November 2006
It Will Go On

The red, setting sun, casts long shadows of the rocks and hills.
When the bombs are silent and the radiation has burned out,
The desert will still exist, silent save for the susurration of the sand
Blown by the winds, slowly covering the wounds of war.

Forgotten monuments again becoming homes and shelter.
Small creatures creep out in the gathering stillness
To carry on their own lives, eating and being eaten
In the long dance that predates man and will continue long after.

As the climates change, volcanoes and tsunamis rend the land and shore,
With the melting of the ice the seas rise; temperate zones become steppes.
Encased in permafrost, Man's vaunted civilization may crumble away.
Man, himself, may run crying into the limbo that holds the dinosaurs.

The desert, silent save for the susurration of the sand, will still exist.
The red, setting sun, will cast long shadows of the rocks and hills.
Small creatures will creep out in the gathering stillness
To carry on their own lives, eating and being eaten as they always have...

Steve Osborn
21 November 2005
Now we are at Hiroshima plus 71.
* Anything learned?


Only former candidate Sanders proposed working to eliminate nuclear
weapons, cancelling the trillion dollar funding of the new arms race and
supporting the congressional S.A.N.E., Smarter Approach to Nuclear
Expenditures act to reduce nuclear spending by $100 billion over the
next 10 years.

The proposals by Sanders were only ones seriously approached up to the the time when he joined forces with Clinton and even they much too little. The ultimate goal should be stated as a complete elimination/destruction of nuclear weapons. Like most of what comes out of the US congress, I.N.S.A.N.E. (Idiots Notion of a Smarter Approach to Nuclear Expenditures) and other acts addressing serious problems are diluted and painted over. What does "reduce nuclear spending by $100 billion" mean when it's probably not even known how much is being spent in supporting the currently programs of the US.

Even if the three great possessors of nuclear weapons were to get together to decide on reducing the arms drastically, what of the rogue nations of Israel, India, Pakistan and N. Korea. How would they be dealt with? One could reasonably state that the only world leaders or potential world leaders who might seriously address this issue would be Putin and Stein.


"Candidate Trump has suggested that since we have nuclear weapons he would consider using them in Europe and elsewhere and that he is okay with an arms race in Asia."

Trump said, "If we have them, why can't we use them?" and for that he (rightly) gets credit for being bat-poop crazy. But turn that question over. This country is ruled by civilized savages. They wear suits and ties, yet think nothing of the mass murders they commit. They agree that using nuclear arms is unconscionable, yet won't apologize for the country having used them. They look forward to a nuclear-free future (as Barack'll Bomb ya said in a speech,) but won't actually do anything about the 7,000 currently in the arsenal.

Trump or not, anyone saying they need the ability to destroy all life on the planet 10 times over, even if they agree it would be horrible to do so, is bat-poop crazy. I don't want to hear this hypocritical crap about Trump, or these insults against voters who insist on voting for a candidate who doesn't have this mentality.


The Clock empirePie

The doomsday clock has hands of glass
It cradles an egg with a foamy splash
In the ocean of desire
it is allied with fire

The doomsday clock defines the rogue
enclosed by lines not on a map
Old men play Trump as silo’s yawn
“I am death”, is their slogan song

The doomsday clock has no adversary
no coded button is necessary
nor does a theory need a threat
and forever war is not a bet


uh, NO...


Did anyone here see the movie, "The Road"....? I have watched it twice now. I actually bought it... (can't find it) and I don't even buy movies.... I can't watch it again for a while anyway. I don't remember hearing a lot about it when it came out. It seems to me, we should have had more of a discussion when it did. Maybe that should be assigned to people to watch. Wonder what people would think if we had our high school seniors watching it as a required assignment?.....
At this point, we coddle our children. I for one, am extremely disgusted that we REALL DO NOT teach our kids anything about the real world while they are in school. It has gotten to the point where what ever a parent says, doesn't hold much water. I had been trying to teach my kids the REAL DEAL, with climate change...
with some slight modifications..... just so that they would KNOW their futures will be very different than their parents..... But they would shut me off. Yes, the school had taught them about co2 from fossil fuels, about renewable energy. However, the school has not, did not explain the REAL CONSEQUENCES of these. The deep science, the deeper sociological consequences are left out. .....and so the parents are left to convey this .... but, since it wasn't taught to them in school, my parent must be a nut job, right?...my teacher didn't say this so... I am not going to listen to my crazy parent. Don't get me wrong, I was rather careful about how I presented information to my two girls. But, how do you prepare them, yet not take away their hope?... I tried.


I should add, that it is important for young people to know the truth. They are making decisions based on wrong information. They are planning lives as if nothing is wrong, when actually, everything is wrong. Even somewhat "older" young people who are starting families... it's ridiculous. I guess you could look at it as if, well, at least they'll know what it's like to love someone more than they love themselves... but then again, they will probably have to watch that child they love, struggle through a life of hell or even starve to death, down the road. Don't think things are that bad?... We are in ABRUPT CLIMATE CHANGE... not just your bland ol' climate change... it isn't fair that young people are not being told just how far down the abyss we have fallen. They still think renewable energy is going to save us.


Bernie "...just another mainstream politician."?

Bernie, at great risk to himself and his loved ones, by going along with the Democrats from the beginning, was able to use their access to mass media and introduce Concepts, Perspectives and Ideas to millions of heretofore Unenlightened Citizens, in and of itself an incalculably valuable Public Service.


Beavis and Butthead rule!


mmmmm.... Is that what they do?....