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Hiroshima Survivors Sue Over 'Black Rain' That Followed Atomic Bombing


Hiroshima Survivors Sue Over 'Black Rain' That Followed Atomic Bombing

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

Over 40 survivors of the U.S. atomic bombing of Hiroshima, Japan are preparing to file a class action lawsuit demanding their government provide them health coverage for the ongoing health impacts of exposure to radioactive "black rain."

The Japanese publication Mainichi reports:


Years ago I had the privilege of talking with one of the survivors of Hiroshima (along with a survivor of Nagasaki). One of the things that struck me was that he said people had flocked to Hiroshima before the bombing as it was known as a “city of peace”. The city had never been bombed during the war before this. Apparently it was off-limits because the military wanted the city with no damage so that they could better judge the effectiveness of their new weapon.


Somebody needs to sue Japan over the Fukushima disaster.


Maybe the citizens in WV today would like to file this idea away for future consideration; what is our world coming to??? Id there NO common sense barometere left?

Sadly, Elizabeth


What idiocy. Hiroshima was merely a target of opportunity that had the misfortune of clear skies while the intended target Sasebo, The best protected natural harbor in the Eastern Pacific, Was covered by clouds. I have visited both sites and can attest to the fact that Hiroshima even today has no strategic significance that would have been worth the risk of a single raid. That said the cold treatment of these survivors is a national disgrace for Japan.


The long-ago studied radiation exposure at Hiroshima and Nagasaki by the Joint US/Japan Atomic Bomb Casualty Commission concluded that there was only exposure at Hiroshima from the direct radiation emanating from the bomb itself, not from radioactivity in any subsequent rain. This was based upon the fact that the bomb exploded at an altitude far enough above the ground as to not have interacted directly with the earth surface. Nagasaki weather was such that indeed there was fallout radioactivity in a localized rain out area. So it will be interesting to see whether the Hiroshima claimants will be recognized as Hibakusha and exposed significantly or not, .


umiru bolno.