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'His Biggest—And Likely Most Disastrous—Stunt Yet'? Experts Warn a Desperate Trump May Attack Iran

It’s time to make clear to Military Commanders, "You will be held accountable for exercising Trump’s Tantrums."


The bullshit never ends.

Trump may attack Iran? Fat, unhealthy, unhinged, bone spurs-laden Trump? I think not.

Who might attack Iran, after handing Trump the paper sign? The Republican/Military/Industrial/War Machine Complex that has been trying to “trump” up an excuse to obliterate Iran since before Reagan might finally see their opportunity. Think of the jobs this will create.

Trump will start nothing, attack no one, unless he has the full support of everyone who has the power to declare him incompetent to hold office.

If there is war against Iran, it will not be Trump who starts it, it will be the Unites States Government. Don’t ever forget that.


You can be the height of hilarity sometimes.

“Hold them accountable.”


He might just be changing Planes !

; - )

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Good point but would still like to know who the retired official was; especially, if a retired General. Thanks La Paloma.

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Thanks snow white, dove for the Guardian link.

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Now you made me think. I believe there’s a USAF base near Prestwick.
Curiouser and curiouser.

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This retired admiral mentions Iran:


It appears we are approaching the point where the delinquent infantile adult bully realizes he isn’t going to get what he wants let alone alone win the game no matter how much he cheats, and that’s when this child’s id kicks in and tosses the game board across the room in order to spoil things for everyone. And this may especially be the case as he realizes that he will be facing legal charges he can’t escape come from as he’s done time and time again after January 20th once he’s finally removed from the White House.


Mr. Trump is taking two types of military action in order to encourage somebody, anybody at all, to knock the chip off his shoulder.

First, all foreign troop deployments have been cut in about half. This means that the remaining troops are kind of sitting ducks for a concentrated attack.

Second, Mr. Trump has been parading one armageddon-style submarine up and down the Strait of Hormuz, in case anybody wants to fire a missile at it and destroy it. Almost always, these submarines are way out to sea somewhere, hiding in the deeps. They can easily destroy 200 cities apiece, a real genocide machine. He has also regularly been flying bombers up and down the Strait.

Best guess, Mr. Trump is going to have to fire his own missile at his own aircraft carrier or at his own submarine if he wants to precipitate a war. “Remember the Maine!”


We should recall the Iraqi response to the U.S. invasion.
Scud missiles shot a Israel.
Does trump care?
Iran has scuds too.

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I don’t think they pay much attention to trump’s criminality. We had our pitchfork moment and let it pass us by.
I doubt white collar crime will get any attention.

I believe so.

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Somehow I don’t get the logic. If Trump is harmed, what is an aircraft carrier supposed to do?


BeijaFlor: My sentiments exactly. Give Donald a long time out in his room with a peaceful nap. Also, a ‘Donald-type gaslight’ move could be made afterward saying Donald purposely did it to himself.


The media reports this like it is inevitable.

And if there is no mechanism (25th amendment doesn’t count since it relies on political appointees) I must conclude that is how the real power wants it. Certainly, there is no real power in Washington.

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War with Iran at the height of a pandemic…this would unravel the remaining threads holding this country together.


It is no surprise that Cheney and Rumsfeld don’t support Trump’s coup because Cheney and Rumsfeld already know that the ‘coup’ took place decades ago when corporate America got control of both Party’s. Most politicians know that as long as you continue the siphoning of the public treasury for the benefit of a few special interest groups, you will remain in office in good standing. This applies to all Republicans and the vast majority of Democrats.
The attack on Iran will not happen. I have been reading about an “imminent attack” for decades and none of these predictions ever materialize. This is not because Trump is sane, but because he knows that the chances that such a distraction will keep Biden from assuming office, is far fetched.
Trump’s focus is how to stay out of prison once he loses the protection of the White House. Though Trump can be pardoned for Federal crimes, this will not help Trump in State proceedings and if justice is to prevail, Trump will remain in prison for the rest of his life.
Unfortunately Trump will probably get bail and drag it out beyond his departure from this Earth in the future. His legal team will be busy keeping Trump free and keeping his ill gotten gains from being seized. Seldom does the general public see the rich and powerful succumb to the legal tools of oppression and therefore we will never get a successful conclusion to the years of theft by Trump and his cronies.
In the meantime we must all work towards eliminating all politicians who support war, the military industrial complex and illegal regimes like Saudi Arabia and Israel. New legislation must be introduced that condemns all war and demands the immediate dismantling of all nuclear arsenals around the world beginning with the United States. Anything is less is treasonous.


It’s not what I am going for, however some here might see it that way.

We see what we want to see.