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'Historic' Alaska Ruling Could Provide Roadmap to Defeating Citizens United

I agree, the only difference to me, is the GOP is the subsidary of corporate Amerika and the Democrats are the fake opposition, while also being a subsidary of corporate Amerika!


You’re right about this Congress. None of the proposed amendments will pass in this Congress.


Things change. Virginia changed last night. NYC voted for RCV yesterday. Congress will change after the election next year. And even then may not change enough. It is very likely a long-term project.

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Yeah, imagine anyone schooling you, Pony, about the duopoly. Carry on soldier.
I stick to my guns though, that painting democrats as republicans needs to be broken down to individuals. There are too many good ones to be lumping them in with the corporatists.

True, but a separate issue

So you know G, when I speak of corrupt Democrats, I am referring to those in leadership roles.

And, I am not too old to be schooled.

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Wish we had a very long-term left to implement it.

I send you money every month.

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