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Historic Bill to Strengthen Democracy Introduced in Congress


Historic Bill to Strengthen Democracy Introduced in Congress

Tim Lau, Daniel I. Weiner

In a major step toward fixing our broken system of elections, House Democratic lawmakers introduced a comprehensive democracy reform bill Thursday, the first day of the 116th Congress.


Press on regardless!


It would be wonderful too if those who were convicted for voter fraud were actually sent to prison. And too, if a person does time for a crime, they should be able to vote upon release.
A lot of politicians cheat and yet----so few ever seem to pay for their crimes, and CEOs should be totally responsible for any infractions of law---- maybe that would make them more focused on the actual work. Maybe too, it’s time to jettison the concept of CEO and just have a board composed of employees. : )


this is a good example why it is important to elect Democrats even if some of their positions are flawed.


Is this the bill that the Turtle declared “dead on arrival”?


I appreciate the Bill immensely and the much needed spirit of strengthening our democracy. Every item addressed is vital to maintaining a democracy. If any lawmaker values democracy versus kleptocracy, the people vs. special interests, right vs. wrong, they would be compelled to be champions of this bill. Any lawmaker that opposes this bill opposes democracy itself. They are bought and sold and lack integrity. So much of what is sorely needed is contained in this bill. This is what most Americans from all walks of life want and should expect nothing less. This is doable if people would stop voting for the anti democracy Republicans.


H.R. 1 sounds like a long overdue bill. I hope it passes. What worries me is that it may be one of those "shoulda, woulda, coulda" bills that our Kabuki theater is so good at.
*It is an excellent reform bill, backed by We the People which shoulda been a good start at reforming our corrupt government.
*If backed by our government representatives, it woulda mandated an overhaul of the current corrupt processes that give the uberwealthy the ability to buy whatever they want at the government trough.
*It coulda been a revolutionary change toward democracy, but those “nasty Republican Senators” blocked it at their level and refused to overturn the Fat One’s veto.
*Return to square one, shed lots of tears.
*God! I hope I’m wrong on this one!


I just thought of another fun way to vote which might make people support local businesses too. So-----for those who work and can’t easily get to the polls------the business would provide the ride. That would be of benefit to the voters and the business. in terms of PR anyway…
And oh yes, football teams—yes----take your on- site employees out to vote during business hours too. BECAUSE, if you’re going to get all excited about military planes flying over the playing field------make sure you level that playing field-----and get those employees a ride to vote—and then take them to lunch too----you can afford it and do your civic duty at the same time! : ) Of course, if you really believed in the First Amendment----that taking of a knee wouldn’t bother you at all. : )