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'Historic Day': Jubilation as Evo Morales Returns to Bolivia One Year After Military Coup

Well, there we go. We have turned things around here. And that may have some thing to do with Bolivia. The U.S. is not run by trump and his goon squad any longer. That should immediately translate to less authoritarianism from N. America.

The building that the whole pendulum is in is 50,000 light years to the right of center.


Yeah, but from my point of view, that is not Biden…THE WALL STREET STOOGE.

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That was exactly my point. They didn’t vote for Biden, but they would vote for a true progressive.

People keep carrying on about how horrible, stupid, evil, … all the Trump voters are. But many just saw him as the lesser evil, and would delight in having someone worth voting for.

Stop denigrating our potential allies.


Yes, most voted against Trump.

I meant they voted for Trump as the slightly less evil. But would vote for a real progressive.

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I think it’s important her to not underestimate the enemy, they are incredibly horrible, stupid and evil. In legal maters it is known that ignorance is no defense - how much worse is it if your crime involves destroying the whole country, ignoring the pandemic, and ultimately driving people to the brink of extinction by neglecting climate action. 50% of derelict American voters still voted for the sociopath again, if it were not for the increases in Latinos voting he would have won a second term. Nothing will ever erase that fact from my mind as I walk around and see people in public without masks, or with those fish symbols on their cars, (Christians), or with American flags waving around. When I see a six year old Iraqi girl orphaned and maimed, having witnessed her brothers and parents exterminated before her eyes, now without arms and deaf, I think of them. As far as I’m concerned they can use any excuse they want to justify their overt evil, but they are nonetheless evil to the core.


Maybe human to the core - that’s what I am grappling with now.

Some of Trump voters are horrible and evil to the core.

But understand that Biden will be no help with the environment; will not allow universal health care which is vital for dealing with the pandemic; will start/enlarge wars; and just doesn’t give a damn about any of us. So there are also those who decided that Trump was the slightly less evil.

There are probably people who live in blue states who voted for Trump as a protest against the DLC.

My point is that the number of horrible, evil people is less than the number of people who voted for Trump. Be careful in using sweeping language against all Trump voters because you will drive away the people who are capable of hearing what you have to say.

If this were the '70s we’d have a shot at accomplishing something, but as it’s the '20s,…we’re lucky to still be here wasting time that we don’t have.

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I want to drive them away, never to be heard and seen again. I’m not one to ally with evil to defeat evil.

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Who said anything about allying with evil? Don’t be so dense.

Some of the people who voted for Trump are good people who could be our allies. Some of the people who voted for Biden are evil, and are our enemies. Many of the people who didn’t vote for either are good people and can be our allies.

It is impossible not to identify Trump as evil, you vote for him and you are evil. More white people voted for trump after his 4 years than before, It is impossible that they did not know what they were doing, it was a conscious choice and that makes them the problem, not Trump. Good people do not ally with NAZI’s.

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Again. Biden is also a NAZI. So you are also condemning all Biden voters.

But you go on ahead with your irrational hatred of the wrong people, and take full credit for the world that Biden brings. That includes harm that the worse-than-Trump, who will follow Biden, will bring.

I definitely am condemning Biden voters, the difference is that in the case of Biden they are afforded some leniency because of the deception involved. In the case of Trump, evil is his stock and trade and it is overt, and therefor inexcusable to support him.


This is a good thing. We get so few of them these days.

The DNC gave us little to work with and the alternative is too horrible to contemplate.