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Historic Moment for Equality in India as Millions Link Arms to Form 400-Mile "Women's Wall"


Historic Moment for Equality in India as Millions Link Arms to Form 400-Mile "Women's Wall"

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

A day after millions of women stood together in the Indian state to form a nearly 400-mile-long human chain to call for equality, two women made history—and sparked protests and a call for a state-wide shutdown—when they entered the Sabarimala temple in the state of Kerala in the early hours Wednesday.


Souldn’t be hard to do when you live in a country with wall to wall people with the only separation being tigers, elephants, and cows. Besides we need equal opportunity call centers hailing from India.
Sorry, I’m not quite serious yet today. But after all it’s the second day of the rest of the year.


Seems the eastern philosophies are just as sexist as the western religions. Color me surprised.


Lots of useful information in the local link, but not what the first commenters here appear to need. According to coverage on NPR today, the problem with this particular temple is that it’s devoted to a bachelor deity, and the worry is that fertile women could disturb his purity. That is, it’s a theological problem that the judicial system attempted to solve by reason. But of course, in India it’s not that simple. Apparently it took the two women who invaded a couple of hours to get to the temple proper, after they invaded the area. And they’d met in a social-media group devoted to breaking this barrier. It’s none of it as simple as it may sound to us in the West.


Thanks, bkswrites. My other half is from India. Women have been in temples in India always, as far as I know, and I’ve traveled all over India. It’s a magical place. The article is misleading in this sense, in fact. The march is indeed breathtaking, ground-breaking in size, but so many for one bachelor temple seems a bit extreme.
Maybe this will open up women-power in India so that their problems with harassment in transportation may be solved.


It is a bit different in religion. Half of their gods are female. Ohm. (Peace.)