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'Historic' Step in Fight for Universal Healthcare: Over 60 House Democrats to Launch Medicare for All Caucus


'Historic' Step in Fight for Universal Healthcare: Over 60 House Democrats to Launch Medicare for All Caucus

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Building on the rapidly growing wave of support for Medicare for All at the grassroots and on Capitol Hill, more than 60 House Democrats are forming an official Medicare for All Caucus with the goal of closely examining specific policy components of single-payer and seriously discussing the necessary steps to bring it into exis


If the Dems want the House, they’d better do something BIG for the people… real fast!.


For all of the “duo-opoly” criticism of the Democrats here on Common Dreams, this is something Republicans would never do. This is a Bernie driven movement that has taken hold of the Democratic Party, and if he had run for president as a Democrat and won in 2016 that would have spared America of the agony of having a sociopath con artist Trump as president. The 2016 polls demonstrated Bernie to be the much stronger candidate to run against Trump than Hillary.

We need to look forward to 2020 and unite the Democratic Party on the theme of being a real alternative to the Republicans and Trump, who will invariably be running for a second term in office.


We can expect the same sellout DINO’s to skip this latest effort as they did with HR676, the Sanders plan, and all other actual efforts for universal not-for-profit- single-payer coverage…those DINO sellouts include the Clinton-Obama camp, Pelosi, Sean Maloney, and all the others beholden to the insurance parasites and Big-Pharma pirates…all those who bend-over for campaign-contribution bribes rather than work for the American people!

“Pelosi Won’t Endorse Single-Payer Bill, Says It’s Not A Litmus Test”…better start bein a frelling “litmus test” and damn fast!


Yeah, but a lot more than 60 representatives better stand against the hordes.


www.healthcare-now.org We also need to have holistic health care along w conventional. Insurance companies are just big collection agencies and will do all they can to stop single payer. Medicare for all is a step in the right direction. They have cures for alot of stuff but drug companies want you on drugs for the rest of your life. Most doctors I think out of school only get a few hours of training on nutrition.


Lesser of 2 evils – I have been hearing that my whole life. both major parties support endless war no matter who gets in.


Unfortunately, the moderate Democrats (wall street Democrats) will never go for that. They are dead set against most of the Progressive Democrats ideas. IMHO.


May I edit you just a bit, Truth?
“…they’d better do some thing(S) BIG for the people”.


The good news is that HR676 currently has 122 sponsors out of 195 congressional seats held by Democrats (you can see the list at https://www.congress.gov/bill/115th-congress/house-bill/676/cosponsors). The bad news is the other 73 …


I am all in favor of any progress on this issue, BUT, 60 Democrats out of 194? This is a pathetic show of support for such an important issue.

This hopeless group of impotent politicians are useless in the face of Republican opposition and bucking their donor base.

If they want to regain control of the House they should start thinking about representing the Constituents that voted for them and not the Health Insurance Corporations that are legally Bribing them.

60 Democrats – Disgraceful. Stop thinking about your Donor base and do what Bernie did; refuse PAC money and corporate donations.

It is the only way we voters will know that we are getting proper representation. We colonialists started a revolution because of poor representation; No Taxation Without Representation.


That’s just the number starting this particular Caucus. 63% of the Democrats in the House are cosponsors of HR 676



We can all play a part regardless of any affiliation:



HR 676 is not Bernie’s loop-holed “Medicare For All”. It is true Single Payer and should be attributed primarily to John Conyers, CNA/National Union of Nurses and Physicians for a National Health Plan who have been fighting for true single payer for decades, long before lib/progs like Bernie and other opportunists jumped on the wagon with a piece of co-optation.


Worse, DINOs like Kamala Harris, Liz Warren, Corey Booker, et. al, are co-sponsoring Bernie’s loop-holed “Medicare for All” (“in principal”). If anybody thinks that that gang really wants Single Payer, they are truly sick (and dumb) puppies.


My concern is that the purpose of this caucus is to make HR676 over into S1804 so that the DINOs can sign on and say, “See, we do support Medicare for All.”


If progressive Dem spokespersons can competently devise and present a credibly-financed public HC system, it could hugely help to:
[1] marginalize the power of current corporate Dems in congress
[2] improve chances of electing more /new progressive Dems to congress this November and beyond, by drawing disaffected Independents back into the Party
[3] weaken fascist Trump’s re-election chances in 2020

The plan will need to be econometrically viable:
[a] include raising federal income cutoff threshold for Medicare contribution taxes - to include ALL personal income earners, graduated up to $500K
[b] sensibly contain-thru-deductibles, small/incidental payouts to beneficiaries
[c] sensibly contain-thru-contract ceilings all payouts to doctors, hospitals labs, and drug mfgrs…
[d] anti-trust breakup of many currently-illegal HC monopolies

More on this later, when I have time to elaborate further…


Call me cynical but I believe this to be another political smokescreen to appease the “masses” as it is becoming a common demand from the people. If the Dem corporation was truly interested, all of them would be publicly supporting this not just 1/3. The fact that truly progressive candidates are making this an issue is wonderful. The people and organizations who have been fighting and fighting to make this happen are courageous and true citizens of the people. That said, I just do not trust the Dem corporation to really act on this; they are allowing this to happen to shut up those of us who understand how important Medicare for all is to the citizens of this country. Also if just one state takes on a medical program for the citizens of their state, the other states will follow. Those states that have legislation in the works will probably put their legislation on hold in order to “not interfere with the federal”. Then the Dem corporation will say we tried, it just was timing or some lame propagandian excuse. Also what does the Dem corporation do about all their preps to potential candidates on how to NOT talk about healthcare for every citizen.??
Hey I could be wrong.


You ARE absolutely right. So has SPAN of Ohio ( Single Payer Action Network–at least 15 years). The NNU nurses have supported it all along.We have 20 co-sponsors as of the end of last year in the Ohio House. First time ever. Groups are banding together across the State and the country with some slight differences but not much. They are educating new Doctors and residents about this issue. SPAN and PNHP ( Physicians for a National Healthcare Program) have the facts, the statistics, and feasibility study being done for Ohio. Many, many healthcare groups, Nurse and physician groups want a Universal/ Single payer/ ENHANCED Medicare for all. No co-pays, no deductible, everyone in network, no one out! Streamline the process and reduce cost and get rid of the middle man whose amounts grow out of proportion compared to new healthcare practitioners.I have been an RN 45 years ( 30 in the ICU’s). I am alarmed how medicine is practiced now. I HAVE SEEN, AND KNOW OF SO MANY MISTAKES with others care and lack of follow-through horrifies me. Thank God I get what I need, as I know exactly what I should be getting and my family gets it too. Change needs to come now. We are going backward. Corporate piracy abounds, and millions of dollars are wasted. Just shameful. Our mortality rates are climbing too. THAT SHOULD NEVER HAPPEN HERE!


Not True. Bernie Sanders was a co-sponsor of HR676 when Conyers first introduced it in 2003 until he left the house and before that he also co-sponsored the earlier version, the American Health Security Act in every congressional session from 1993 to 2003. He also immediately signed onto Paul Wellstone’s Senate version of that bill when he got to the Senate and then took over as chief sponsor when Wellstone died.