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'Historic Tactical Win Against Surveillance' as USA Freedom Act Fails in Senate


'Historic Tactical Win Against Surveillance' as USA Freedom Act Fails in Senate

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

In a move that is being hailed by civil liberties advocates as a victory for privacy rights, the U.S. Senate on Friday rejected the USA Freedom Act, a bill that sought to rein in the National Security Agency's (NSA) spying powers but that would have reauthorized some of the most controversial provisions of the USA Patriot Act.


This is unrelated to the article, but I thought it important enough to post here with link:
2012 Defense Intelligence Agency Document:
West Will Facilitate Rise of Islamic State “in Order to Isolate the Syrian Regime”



I am gobsmacked. Does this mean the federal government is going to stop sucking up over a million gallons of water a day to cool its servers at the spy center in drought-ridden Utah? What about the multi-billion dollar surveillance industry that has sprung into existence since the Patriot Act first passed? Will they just drive it all underground in a covert operation? Is this era of surveillance really over? Somebody pinch me.


Forgive my cynicism as well. I’m waiting for the last minute administration maneuvering to salvage most of what they want. The last shoe has not fallen yet on the “security state”.


Wow! Thanks for the link!

  • As many have asserted for quite a while, the US CIA is the driver behind ISIS and Al Qaeda in the ME.


Whatever the powerful want is what they will get in the end with lots of arm twisting, propaganda and lying to the public. That’s how the monster healthcare bill passed which only helps the insurance companies, Big Pharma and some people making less than $15,000 a year.


MSNBC reporting senators to return on Sunday May 31 for another vote on the Patriot Act/reauthorization. The corporate/elite stars have realigned and life resumes under corporate rule.


UUmmmm… why in the world would they stop?.. the infrastructure they needed to do it… is still there… and so… why would this make them stop… are we going to slap their hands if they get caught still doing it?.. like really,… i do not believe just because this fails in the Senate the surveillance crew is shaking in their boots… ha!!.. this to me is just window dressing…


Do laws exist to keep private industry from surveillance of american citizens and if not what is stopping the government from buying that info from private industry?


The government doesn’t need them to give them the information, that’s why.
With the infinite budget of the NSA they have most sophisticate surveillance technology and have access to everything in the private sector they want.


I agree going through the private sector is a way around laws.


They will simply continue doing what they are doing. No need to be pinched just yet.


A pilot project in a city in the US saw the authroities put real time sensors in a sewage plant so as to measure the percentage of feces/urine that contained traces of drugs.

Companies promoting this technology claim they can install sensors in toilets and urinals that will measure drug content in real time. At the same time the notion of a “cashless” society being postulated and one where each Citizen imbedded with an RFID chip in the interests of “public safety and security”. Put the two together and what do you got?

What is happening HERE is in military terms mission creep. The State goes way overboard in policies it implements as far as surveillance concerned and then there a slight retreat to make it look like concerns over privacy being addressed. That “retreat” is never back to the original starting point so the Public grows to accept those erosions of liberty. Another incident is than manufactured with another overreaction on the part of the state all of this acting to get the state to where it wanted to be all along.


There is also a magazine published by ISIS. It is in ENGLISH and is a very slick production. In it writers for this group called ISIS give justification for the murders they commit or why they have the right to enslave yazidi women.

Ir is very much in line with the “Black Negro Coloring Book” which was published by the US Governement and attributed to the Black Panthers.

This magazine also goes to great lengths to discredit any reader to the notion that ISIS being funded by Western Governments by claiming it as a Conspiracy theory and it claims in those same articles published in ENGLISH that this being used to discourage young Muslim males from joining ISIS.

In this magazine published in ENGLISH a recent article claimed ISIS had the ability to purchase Nuclear weapons off pakistan to use against the USA.

This has psyops written all over it.


I have mentioned this proven link several times over the past few years and there were those on the boards that claimed such a notion as being prepostorous.

This is very much the smoking gun that the PNAC documents were regarding 9/11 and that the “Clean Break Strategy” is regarding Israeli actions in the Middle East. They are all recipes outlining what they want to happen and how they can make it happen and any astute individual can see all of these things ARE happening as outlined.


Recall that concurrent with Hitler taking power in the 30s Prescott Bush (Dubya & Jeb’s grandpa), Henry Ford and other US fascists were pushing for the US to join Germany, Italy and Spain in going fascist. They hired retired US Army General Smedley Butler to assassinate FDR. Fortunately Butler foiled the plot.

Hitler’s fascist model was more successful than other models to date and has therefore been the model that US fascists including the GOP and Democratic Party bosses have used to implement fascism through the back door in the US, avoiding Hitler’s hard tactics and refining his soft tactics including the development of the best propaganda progrm the world has ever seen.


Uhh huhhh. The same Senate that week before last voted down FTT fast track? That lasted all of what? 4 days?


Thank you Edward Snowden. Sorry you have to freeze in Russia, but at least you are not in a US jail for the rest of your life.


“…the Senate did not pass the bill that would have required 60 votes to move forward, which means that the NSA must start winding down its domestic mass surveillance program this week.”

No, they’ll just “brief” the senators with videos of them out of their briefs - or whatever else would destroy them politically.