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'Historic Victory for Entire Progressive Movement' as Stacey Abrams Wins Georgia Primary


'Historic Victory for Entire Progressive Movement' as Stacey Abrams Wins Georgia Primary

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Former Georgia state House Minority Leader Stacey Abrams—who has been seen as a progressive challenger to her opponent, former state Rep. Stacey Evans—won a nationally watched Democratic primary race on Tuesday, securing an opportunity to become the nation's first black female governor.


While Stacy Abrams is no Roy Moore, the enthusiasm for her candidacy seems a bit overstated. If you look at her website, it is generally filled with platitudes and short on specifics. Her child-care program is excellent. Beyond that, it gets a bit thin. She says nothing about the need to ban guns. She supports Romney/ObamaCare and says nothing about Single Payer. She does not put a dollar value on minimum/livable wages. She says nothing about climate change except (maybe) to propose an “advanced energy” economic development plan, never defining the phrase. Etc. So yeh, she’s better than Moore. But that’s not enough in these times.


I listened to her speech. It said nothing. It was dog whistle nothings. Then she quoted the Bible.

She also, as usual, mentioned family values.

Never mentioned climate change, single payer, alternative energy, Planned Parenthood.

In fact she never once mentioned anything of substance.

Turn her white, male and she is just another Republican Christian politician.


Apparently if you want the truth, don’t read the article, read the comments instead. There is a reason I go to this website for my information.


I hope that she wins in November. Georgia needs her, more than they realize. The General Election will be very tough.


Why? What does she stand for? What are her policies?


I wonder if any other candidates have been endorsed by both Bernie and Hillary. Maybe the Democratic Party is finally coming together.


I think the answer is in the article. I’m not trying to convince you. As things now stand, she would most likely be, by far, the most progressive Governor that Georgia has ever had, IMO.


I went to her web page. First on her list is this.

Building a Georgia where every child believes their future should be limitless.

And there is no mention of climate change, which is interesting since Georgia is currently being hit hard by climate change.

So how she intends to balance those two things, children and climate, remains a mystery.

Planned Parenthood does support her and she stood up for reproductive rights, so that’s good.

Because, there are limits. There are limits to growth and habitat. Telling children otherwise is a lie.


Experience in business and politics is exactly what we don’t need in our politics anymore. All we’ve had so far are this kind of candidate and you see where that’s gotten us. It’s time we shun the business and politics and get candidates that are ready to start working to rebuild this flawed country for the working people.


The virulently anti Semitic and anti US Linda Sarsour has announced her support for the nominee. I wonder if Ms. Abrams will publicly disavow her and take a stand against hate.


That’s not a legitimate comment. If you have proof of that then post it. Otherwise you’re posting gossip, half truths, and you’re spreading lies.


Jimmy Carter was Governor of Georgia.


Looks like he’s a right wing troll:


Wow some of these comments-She wants to allow the Medicare expansion-this alone is worth her election-----SHE WANTS TO BUILD A GRASS ROOTS CAMPAIGN THROUGH OUT GEORGIA-------------ow did I say GEORGIA!!!


If you want to support a progressive running for a first then Paulette Jordan claimed victory in the Democratic gubernatorial primary in Idaho getting one step closer to becoming the first female, Native American governor in the United States. She checks all the progressive boxes and has a real chance of winning in a red state with a little support.


That is true; and a very good one at that. I voted for him, and would gladly do so again.


Ahhh yes, a three year old article. Nice try.


She has no chance, nada, zero, zip.


Simply google Linda Sarsour sharia law, or Linda Sarsour Jews, or linda sarsour United States Government, or Linda Sarsour jihad