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'Historic' Vote As Wales Joins Scotland in Saying No to Fracking


'Historic' Vote As Wales Joins Scotland in Saying No to Fracking

Just one week after Scotland announced its moratorium on fracking, the Welsh government voted on Wednesday to block the toxic method of shale gas extraction until it is proven safe from environmental and public health standpoints.


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Imagine fracking in Wales with its geology riddled with myriad closed coal and slate mines. What a monumental environmental and social disaster that would be. The geology of Scotland is one large area of underground rivers and streams…imagine the toxic affects on that water as a result of fracking. Is there no end to the mindless pursuit of profit with total disregard of the deleterious effects of the extraction practices? As long as the decision-makers in the extraction industries remain apart from the sites of their operations and its devastating impact on the land/water/people/wildlife, they will remain not only witless but unconscious.