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'Historic Win' for Gig Economy Workers in California Exposes Telling Rift Among 2020 Democrats

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/09/11/historic-win-gig-economy-workers-california-exposes-telling-rift-among-2020


It is ridiculous that Biden is in First Place in the Polls.

I have not seen him on the stump promoting any Progressive ideas, in actuality he is just a Puppet of Big Donors.

We cannot afford Biden as the Democratic Candidate, he is a Clone of Hillary and will lose to Trump.



" Oll’Joe Biden sittin’ on the fence, he must be senile because nobody is this dense. He needs the big boys to be handing him their cash, but if he flunks this no-brainer, he can’t blame it on the local tasty hash.
Ol’ Joe doesn’t support the push to legalization and job creation, but not supporting this bill, is a flat out political abomination. They say Ol’Joe is for restoration, but puttin’ good folks in the poor house, ain’t fixing a bad situation. Rather than revertin’ to Ol Joe’s status quo, let’s bid him a fond farewell and tell him he’s gotta go. "


Start here:

Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth.

  • Sir Arthur Conan Doyle


…Biden has remained quietly on the sidelines.

No kidding. He’s going to support the Corporations as usual. He’s trying to do it with without anyone noticing.


“I promise ,No Fundamental Changes, Vote for Me”


Really good comment. Thank you! The other good news is that Biden’s ruse won’t work, I don’t think.

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This is great news! I was afraid they would fold as usual. I live in Calif. After I had seen boxer’s Op-Ed, I thought there would be too much lobbying and didn’t think they would get this passed. If jerry brown was still Gov. I doubt he would have signed it. This gig economy deal screws over all of us in several ways. We want all workers contributing to Social Security an Medicare. We want all workers to be protected.
Every time they whittle away at workers rights and protections, we all lose.


The old Hillary plan that failed…good enough for Joe. Bad for the rest of us.

Keep in mind, what worries the DNC the most is that, when one adds up the support given to the more progressive candidates and compare them to the Biden/Harris/ booker block, the progressives are outpolling them by nearly 60-40.
The only plan the DNC has now is to smear progressives as much as possible before January, and then circle the Super Delegate wagons around Biden. If worse comes to worse, then they will hope for a brokered convention, where, in a smoke filled room, they can anoint a conservaDem as the headpiece of the party.
Same as 1968, 1972, and of course 2016. The democrats will do anything to keep actual young progressives from controlling the party. They will empty the clip into their left foot, and ask for more bullets for the right.


Hi SequoiaBison:
I think the press said he was 1st in the polls the day after he announced … this is just another instance of the Free Press being allowed to MAKE up poll results. The more the writers call themselves free, the more we know that they are owned. : (

Hi Shelby, and LOL, 2 weeks after I leave CA, gig workers are recognized as employees too. Oh well, at least ,many will benefit, I just finished paying off my 2017 1099 CA bill. And now, on to 2018. : ) BUT for many it is a miracle right away! : )

Tell it like it is, BigB.

Biden has name recognition and some black support because of his association with Obama, but is so, so uninspiring even if “return to normal” has some appeal. If he continues to lead with a plurality, I hope somehow Sanders and Warren will combine their efforts. Glad that Harris, Castro, Buttigieg also signed onto this bill

You forgot to put ‘Free Press’ in quotes…

Hi James_Gale:
Oh yes, sorry for that----- and of course that makes it seem ever more important when the “free,” is actually disappearing in terms of actual journalists writing true stories. GIGs for Journalism----is so very, very depressing. It seems that the last real journalists were writing during Watergate—and , oh where did that TRUTH concept of writing ever go? : (