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History Has Taught Us That Concentration Camps Should Be Liberated. We Can’t Wait Until 2020.

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/06/29/history-has-taught-us-concentration-camps-should-be-liberated-we-cant-wait-until

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OMG, what is going on with the ICE people and the Border Patrol? Is a job this important that you have to treat immigrants and their children as non- humans?
Do you not understand that you are acting like Nazis?
This is an awful suggestion in terms of how to treat humans, but maybe— if all the ICE People and Border Patrol people, maybe —if all of them who had kids, had to bring their own kids there to stay for a while. Then they could ask their own traumatized kids what like was like at, " camp."

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Being quasi military organizations, ICE and the Border Patrol operatives prior to being deployed are brainwashed not to reason why, just to “do and die” as Lord Tennyson noted during the 19th century.
They are the “universal soldier” that Buffy Sainte Marie sung about during the 20th century.


Any brave souls here up for being in the first wave liberation force to break down the doors of tryanny?

"Look at the bright side, they’ll probably name High Schools and Libraries after all of us."

Anyone who doesn’t think this can take a turn toward exterminism is dreaming.

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It is time to storm the Bastille. Congress won’t do it, so it is up to us.

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We really have no idea how many fatalities there have been in these “refrigerators” – as the migrants call their torture chambers. That turn is well underway, friend.

Greg Grandin offers a long-rooted analysis in his End of the Myth: from the Frontier to the Border Wall. Confederate soldiers and officers (even their odious flag!) were immediately rehabilitated after the Civil War in the name of uniting to chase off the Indians, Mexicans, Cubans, Philllipinos… to the point where confederate “pride” (defiant clinging to white supremacy) fed seamlessly into the nascent global empire. There may remain some on the side of compassion who think they’re patriotic, but those on the side of domination and extermination have an equally valid claim to having realized traditional USAmerican values. What’s going on is these people are obligated to stay racist.

Hi Aleph_Null:
Thank you for that answer—and in a horrifying way—it makes sense. : (

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Anyone who does not think this is extremism is probably not awake either.

With all of the gross dollars funding the negative aspects of governing and warring, we don’t need martyrs as well.

I was making an attempt to enlist patriots, my good man.

You sound a little off today G.

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