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History in the Making: Police Violence vs. People’s Justice

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/06/22/history-making-police-violence-vs-peoples-justice


Good instructive article. But let’s also add that most of the policing/incarceration/militarization happens to the underclass (as the example in this article on the homeless in PDX shows). So, let’s start using the word ‘class’ as inequalities of wealth, education, public resources are at the root of the rotted system. It is the underclass i.e. the modern equivalent of the untouchables where most of the brutality happens, and where most of the police budget goes. In my community, home to one of the country’s five top public universities (and with a 25% population under poverty level), 50% of the county’s budget goes to the Sheriff’s office. And studies show that most of the police activity happens in a few neighborhoods where most of this 25% live.


"The System Is Rotten."

No police department in the United States of America needs weapons of war to be used on it’s citizenry if the government has done it’s job in curtailing the proliferation of guns that reach the streets.

But, one must consider that a government who refuses to protect it’s citizens against a flood of weapons, and also arms police departments with weapons of war, are doing so for a reason.

If that reason is to maintain control through fear, we have entered, the Fascist Zone.