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History of Migration has Lessons for Present-Day Refugee Crisis


History of Migration has Lessons for Present-Day Refugee Crisis

Monia Mazigh

Of course, my plan this week was to write a column about the meanings of the announcement made by the RCMP to lay criminal charges against George Salloum, one of the torturers of my husband, Maher Arar.

Beyond the symbolism of this unprecedented action taken by the RCMP -- to charge someone overseas who tortured and participated in the harming of a Canadian citizen -- there is always something deeply personal about this.


What a spiritually beautiful soul you possess, Ms. Mazigh.

To speak in such broad, inclusive terms after the murder of your husband is quite a triumph.. to your own indwelling spirit and those of others.

Of many inspiring points, this one should be repeated:

"The second is that the Europeans who decided or were forced to go back to Europe, brought, according to many historians, the seeds of the Renaissance to Europe. It is that same Renaissance that took Europe on the path to centuries of enlightenment, spreading the principles of justice, equality and freedom. These are solid pillars of today's Europe."

Mother nature has turned the Earth into such vast gardens through the art of cross-pollination. I've always considered the ways that trade routes function along similar lines. For as various peoples trade their exotic goods, they also begin to integrate one another's teachings, lifestyles, and sometimes beliefs. Some fall in love and children with remarkable features drawn from a wider gene pool add yet more color and variety to the human mosaic.


Actually to be accurate her husband was not murdered. He was flying back home to Canada when on a layover in New York City he was kidnapped by US authorities and sent to Syria where he was tortured. Her husband had no links to terrorism . His being Muslim was all the US had to go on.

His wife fought for months with the Canadian Government to have him found and released. We're it not for her efforts he likely would have been murdered and made headlines in the US press as another number 2 in Al Qaeda confessing to 9/11. A greater tragedy than this mans torture is all of those tortured and murdered by the US Government and allies of the same that have no voice to speak for them , or that have voices that no one listens to as I am sure Ms Mazigh would agree.