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History Repeats as Senate Rejects All Post-Orlando Gun Control Measures



How many rings does this circus have? At least one for each branch of government, I'm sure.


Warren is right. Just plain shameful.


You are probably afraid of your own shadow!


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If Obama were to do that, it would serious inflame the issue for those on the right who are already convinced he's some sort of dictator. It is imperative that sane and rational gun legislation emerge from Congress and not the Executive. The onus is on the legislature to do the right thing and act in accordance to the will of the vast majority of American citizens and pass the damn legislation. It is only for fear of impact to their own self-interest that legislators refuse to act.


Arguably, the only measure needed was one prohibiting concealed carry and mandating open carry for every armed person everywhere. Since we can't prevent criminals from acquiring guns, open carry is the only gun control measure that would prevent shootings. If you can see the gun, you can protect yourself. If you cannot, it may be too late. Because criminals prefer to attack the defenseless, few will attack when they see the well defended.


Ban assault weapons (for cops too), yes. Tighten background checks and close loopholes, yes. But deny guns to people on the no fly list? When people are put on there for heaven knows what reason, and have pretty much no vehicle to get themselves removed? No...


As was found after the 'economic crisis' and bubbles by economists, if it is cyclical/repetative, then it is manmade. If history repeats itself, then it is by design.


A gazillion years ago in Irving, TX the police force went out with the 'blue flu' so the inhabitants of that city took to protecting themselves -- the crime rate dropped within weeks b/c {as you stated) there were no criminals willing to risk being shot by a law-abiding citizen.

My father taught my brother and me how to shoot a gun, but he also taught us respect for guns as well as fellow peons so that we would think long and hard about using a gun. I honestly think that one of the problems today is that there are far too few gun owners who understand how dangerous a gun can be; but then, it's the object behind the gun that is the true potential danger.


You're right we haven't had a real leader since JFK, and look what happened to him killed by an assasin.


I wish they had introduced a mandatory insurance statute even red states have auto insurance. We get to pay for Orlando..right?


Guns and cars, both dangerous. For cars you need a license and liability insurance to drive one, and pink slip and registration to own one. What's wrong with doing the same for fire arms for Christ's sake! AN ABSOLUTE "NO BRAINER"!!! I wish the lame asses in this country would figure this out.......AND.....
The vote, "It failed 47-53".........To the '53', just go fuck yourself and all your idiot friends too, you're all worthless flesh and blood. I wish there were something more vile that I could express to the pieces of shit that run this fascist country.


Very well stated. If one needs to take a driving safety course to operate a dangerous machine, one should also have to pass a gun safety course to operate other dangerous machines like guns.


They tried a state referendum in California (Prop 8). A federal court had to step in and overrule the results.


Exactly! Guns, cars, front-end loaders ... having kids ... should all require taking a safety course before operating. Hell, I even took a course at our local Humane Society when we got our Old English Sheepdog so I could be a good furbaby mom. :smiley_cat: (They need dog emojis)


This was an attack on Gays, period, paragraph! The gunman was born here. His dad is a RWNJ too. Semi automatic clipped weapons are the phkn problem. The guns, register them, like a car, also insure them, like a car, and the 'driver' needs a license and training. If you need an AR-15 then you need a license to shoot people, dig it! The only thing an AR is for is to KILL people, don't give me that 'target practice' crap.


Ah well; I have lived in countries where people are extremely restricted as to ownership of guns and the murder and crime rate there is certainly less per head than that in the USA.. Even the Viet Cong and north Vietnamese army managed to kill fewer USAians than did the USA's civilians in the USA between 1965 and 1975.


Victim of a treasonous coup by appendages of his own government, which control the nation to this day.

See James W. Douglass's extensively footnoted work of Historical Nonfiction "JFK and the Unspeakable - Why He Died and Why it Matters".


Bill Hicks, conduit of Truth in the same league as George Carlin.