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History Will Damn Trump & Co. for Betraying the Vision of Our Founders

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/10/16/history-will-damn-trump-co-betraying-vision-our-founders

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Beautifully expressed. Thank you for putting into words what many of us recognize, that Donald Trump is a very emotionally damaged person who needs our understanding and compassion, while at the same time deserving justice for the terrible things he has done to our country. Joe Biden was not even in my top 3 picks for the Democratic nomination, but his compassion & empathy will be exactly what we need to heal.


Yeah, this is kind of a contradiction of terms. Misplaced 4th charka solutions rarely work in these situations. (this is an understatement ) It is a combination of skills and abilities that bring about change, compassion and empathy are basic to humans, most humans. We should acknowledge that some people don’t have these characteristics and find suitable alternatives or restrict them from offices where it is a basic agreed upon condition of employment. It is foolish to think you can rehabilitate a sociopath.


“It all begins with putting Trump’s exhausting psychodrama behind us and getting back to loving and caring for one another as Americans.”
Is this satire??? Loving and caring for one another i.e. when 7-8 million are in the incarceration system of private prisons, when many millions are left without healthcare or jobs or affordable education? when hundred thousands are sent to make war??? Satire indeed. What else can it be?

“Maybe Joe Biden, who knows what it is to suffer deep personal loss, will rise to the role of America’s healer-in-chief.”
Satire again? Joe Biden’s deep personal loss did not have an impact when he was actively advocating for war against the Iraqi people…or more close to home when he advocates for shooting people in their legs.


Its not “TRUMP’S exhausting psychodrama” its GOP psychodrama disseminated by the most effective propaganda machine the world has ever seen. Trump is simply the current godfather of that organized crime syndicate disguised as a political party that has a stellar track record in succession planning.

“History will damn Trump” ? History, historically written by the corporations, their media and politicians will simply be more of the revisionist mainstream history we have been fed our whole lives. Those who accurately document history will continue to be demonized as “radicals”. As George Orwell noted “In an era of widespread deceit, telling the truth is considered a radical act”.

“Getting back to loving and caring” implies that loving and caring existed at some point. The closest the US ever got to that was FDR’s New Deal that the GOP and complicit Democrats spent hundreds of billions of dollars dismantling. Unless Biden is secretly planning to restore New Deal regulations and programs that were dismantled during the past four decades, loving and caring ain’t happening.


Get Joe elected by all means possible then kick his ass hard to overrun HIS lack of humanity and compassion.
Yes to LOVE,
for political/dominators



I cannot process why anyone supports trump. I am surprised someone hasn’t “removed” him. The senate should have removed him after the house impeached him. The GOP in the senate refused to be fair and impartial jurors. The entire GOP is corrupt, just like trump. Trump and the GOP are guilty of treason against this country. They should all be removed and given the MAXIMUM punishment for treason, as stated in the constitution: execution. Bottom line: Trump needs to be removed by any means necessary-NOW. He is a sociopath and an authoritarian autocrat with NO redeeming qualities whatsoever. He has no ethics, no morals, no integrity, no empathy, and no soul. The entire GOP is just like him. This country WILL NOT SURVIVE 4 more years of trump and his cult. It may not even survive after 2021.

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Who will write this history i wonder?
With the permafrost already leaking methane how many more heat records can we break before total global annihilation?

Are we referring to the Founding Fathers?

If so, Trump is merely emulating their example of promoting a plutocracy and an oligarchy.

See my short essay here


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Given that we seem to be headed for extinction soon, who will be WRITING this history?!

Seems pretty obvious by now that DT and co. could not care less for the “vision of our founders,” which will continue to manifest if he gets back in.

the question to ask is whether the history will damn the Democratic enabling of Trump and company–it is not good enough that we understand the horrors released on us by Trump without addressing the 50 years history of the pandering to Republican efforts to destroy democracy and the failure to hold the Democrats responsible for their 50 years of neglect that led directly to Republican rule and Trump —the failures being currently promoted by the Democratic party candidates that will only result in the election of an even worse fascists–

it is time for the Democrats to return to democracy and reject the corporate capture of our country, pass legislation that eliminates the money machine that has our so called leaders in thrall to that money, and to pass the needed reforms on our economic system that will reverse the deleterious effects of that corporate capture with programs that aid ALL Americans --like Medicare For All–elimination of student debt-a Green New Deal that actually addresses the crisis instead of the incremental programs now supported by the Democrats that are too damn little and too damn slow to really correct our downward spiral into the 6th Great Extinction–now in progress in every neighborhood on the planet

since the Democrats have shown over those 50 years of neglect that they are the thralls of corporate capture I continue to hope that the actual progressives walk away from the Democratic party and form the matrix of a new party–a People’s Party(.org) if you will–one that is dedicated to righting our sinking ship and will put programs on the books that will save not only our democracy but our only world that is imperiled and in continual jeopardy by political inaction that is due to the capture by corporate entities–the corporations that are busy destroying our world for their profits

just to point out Biden is one of the architects of the war on drugs that filled our jails with young(and now disenfranchised) black and brown bodies–that promoted the wars started with the lies and votes of both our political parties-the increase of our exposure to climate collapse from fracking-the economic dislocation of millions(see the homeless-the increased poverty-the increased hunger that occurred under his and Obama’s rule) and his promise that nothing fundamental will change–the fundamentals that led directly to the election of Trump–and this is the short list

expecting a change in our circumstances with the election of Biden is a fantasy of the first order–time to wake up to the real danger we face --the corporate capture of our country, it’s political systems, the continued destruction of our planet for the profits --the source of the money used to bribe our politicians onto willing submission to the destruction of our societies and our world

the disease is called capitalism and it is killing us

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