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'History Will Not Judge This Kindly': DNC Platform Committee Votes Down Medicare for All Amendment

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/28/history-will-not-judge-kindly-dnc-platform-committee-votes-down-medicare-all


It is paramount that Progressives continue to keep this issue front and center in the party politics and more importantly, in the public’s eye. Every election cycle, every primary is an opportunity for Progress and this is a winner long term. Progress is frustratingly slow, but the Pelosis and Shumers are getting long in the tooth and the AOCs are gaining traction. “Hope and Change” may have been a clever slogan, but Hope and Change takes People Power.


No, they want the money to go to pursuing the war in ___________________and to build more nuclear weapons. They’re keeping us safe, ya know.


May I suggest “Portland” to fill in the blank? I know there are many, bigger candidates: “the borderlands,” “the Middle East,” “Africa,”… I guess I just wanted to welcome the newest member of the club.


While the party platform is not a contract, it is a glimpse of what we can expect the priorities will be for an incoming Biden administration and a democratic controlled congress.
Oh, and fuck the NAACP, and any other American/American group that once again used the democrats corrupt primary system to prevent any actual progressive change within the party. You don’t get to cry about single payer not making the cut after you dutifully lined up once again during the primaries and voted for another third-way conservative Clinton crony.
I am 57 years old. A Biden presidency will guarantee the same thing that another Trump administration will, that I will be 65 before I see Medicare, if it exists at all when I get there.
What is happening now is exactly what I feared. The democrats are so confident that they will need to spend no money and expend no political capital in 2020. They are just going to sit back and let Trump continue to fuck up, and then offer a pittance of change to the faithful. Jeebus on a cracker! If Trump and his friends in Big Pharma pump out a phony, ineffective vaccine in October, and Joe has one senior moment on the campaign trail, the Dims could still lose this thing.


Who would have thought that, when the time came to choose sides for WWIII the USA would be counted among the Axis powers?


THIS is where we have to begin – making them fight for our votes.

THIS is insane – Bernie Sanders should be the VP – or Barbara Lee –

Certainly NOT Harris –

Warren would be weak, but better.


Lisa Savage is running for the Senate in Maine against a corporate democrat and Susan Collins. Both of them are opposed to Medicare for All. Lisa is for it, and she’s running in a ranked choice election. If we can make this model work in Maine, we can make it work everywhere, and then we won’t have to waste our time arguing over a meaningless platforms and actually vote for candidates who support the policies we want.


I hope that it still is around for you. I just turned 65 this past February and am now on Medicare. I just had surgery for a hernia on June 15. I developed the hernia last July but luckily was able to put off surgery until I went on Medicare. Until the surgery, every day I would wake up and hope I could hold off on the surgery. Originally the surgery was scheduled for April, but elective surgeries were put on hold because of the virus. Luckily I got a call that they had resumed them and managed to get it done. The surgery was billed to Medicare and my supplemental plan for a total of over $27,000. This country needs Medicare for All now. It has needed it for years. And neither party will ever fight for it on behalf of serving the citizens as their corporate masters will not allow us to have it. I honestly don’t know how anyone still defends the Democrats, but even on a site that bills itself as a place for progressive ideas, I get called out as a GOP fascist shill. Sorry, but the Democrats always give us BS excuses as to why they cannot stand up and fight against the big bad Republicans. The Democrats had the White House, the Senate and the House from 2008 through 2010 with Mr. Hope and Change in charge. They did NOTHING but complain about how the big bad Republicans might filibuster anything they might try so they did nothing except give us a Republican think tank health care plan. Neither party gives a fuck about the citizens. Know this one thing, the Democrats along with their Republicans counterparts only serve their corporate masters who are stealing everything in sight before it all collapses and we are left holding an empty bag.


So Sara something we’ve been supporting is against MEDICARE4ALL – ?
We’ve been supporting her.

Where has Lisa Savage been – and why didn’t Bernie Sanders promote her?
Or did he?

What are Lisa Savage’s chances?
We do need to defeat Susan Collins – that’s without question.


Well said. Our only chance for progress is in the streets no matter which corporate stooge is selected.


I don’t know how any Dem liberal voter – the backbone of the party –
could have any confidence in Patriot Act/Biden?

It’s clear that from here – from right now – we need to be in the streets –
that’s the only way to get what we want. Votes are meaningless because
they are so manipulated by both parties. Who knows how many POC will
even get to vote after GOP gets finished closing down polling stations?


Speaking of “third-way conservative Clinton cronies,” note the buzz around Susan Rice for VP.


I assume Sanders hasn’t supported Lisa because she’s running against a Democrat, and ultimately Bernie is not going to buck the party.

As far as needing to defeat Collins, we have ranked choice voting. So we can rank Lisa first, and if she doesn’t get a majority, we can still cast our second choice against Collins.

My point is if we can make this system work in Maine, it can work everywhere. If we had a system where Sanders and candidates like him could have run in general elections against corporate Democrats and still not act as a spoiler, we may not win every fight, but at least there’d be a fight.

Feel free to encourage Bernie / Our Revolution / etc to get behind Lisa. She’s for M4A, a Green New Deal, ending wars, etc.


The polls all show overwhelming support for Medicare for All. The DNC essentially stuck it’s third finger to the American electorate. This is why Trump won last time and it will be why Trump will win again.


We don’t have a long term.


Sara Gideon:

In terms of Medicare-for-all, my belief is, in terms of expanding health care for people, that we should allow people who want to buy in to Medicare to do so, but for the people who have private insurance and wish to keep it, that they are able to do that. So I just want to add a couple of things in there if I can, because you mentioned that people are worried about the Affordable Care Act, for example. It’s part of what they’re thinking about when they’re thinking about healthcare.

Lisa Savage:

The current market-based system, with 87 million uninsured or underinsured people unable to see a doctor when they need to, is not only immoral, but a public health disaster. This sick system has left us uniquely vulnerable to a pandemic among wealthy countries. Nothing exposes the folly of tying health care to employment more than 17 million Americans losing their jobs during a global pandemic.

In response to the crisis, Congress should act immediately to enroll all currently uninsured U.S. residents in Medicare, pass protections for workers that include paid sick leave, create medical sanctuaries for undocumented immigrants, and eliminate out-of-pocket expenses for COVID-19 testing and treatment. These measures are needed now, but the only sustainable permanent solution is an improved Medicare for All single-payer health insurance program that will cover all U.S. residents for all needed care. Medicare for All will also eliminate out-of-pocket costs, cover all communities’ medical needs, fully fund public health programs, and create the capacity for a unified response to national health crises.

At best Gideon is in the Pete Buttigieg camp. Lisa’s the real deal, and more important, having a real progressive in a ranked choice race means we don’t have to throw away our vote on someone who will deliver what we don’t want.

Outside of Maine, 2020 is screwed, but now is the time for everyone to work on putting ranked choice into place in other states so we’re positioned for the next election. We’re not going to get M4A working inside the Democratic Party.


I and others have said it many times before that we need to:

  1. Because Trump’s aim is to immediately destroy the country, as is his republican way on steroids, he must be removed from office this election. Even if it means the mannequin called Biden who’s aim is to destroy the country more slowly, as is the democratic way on Valium, is elected as a placeholder.
  2. All Fragmented Powerless Progressive Parties must merge over the next four years into one Powerful Progressive Party if we are to have any chance at all to survive as a nation.

WAKE the F UP!
THAT’S who Democrats ARE !!!

— STOP talking about “taking them over” already!!
… that’s BS that wastes YEARS of sincere efforts better spent BUILDING a Party and/or Movement!


One of the three architects of destroying Libya, alongside cackling Hilary Clinton and Samantha Power, Susan Rice is as big a warmonger as they come. This is the great Democrat party and who they truly are. But you all must remember that it is only the Republicans who are the bad ones.