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'History Will Not Look Kindly on Us' If Trump Not Impeached, Says Rep. Ilhan Omar

Only, if you do a BETTER one? The thing IS, I’d leave folks like that (III% & decals of automatic rifles on their hardhats who’d only EVER come out onto the mill floor, over an entire winter, when he’d smell us grilling boudin or kielbasa) and return here to Manhattan; where NOW, the overwhelming majority of my EXCEEDINGLY “well educated” neighbors (young AND old) are in FAR worse denial, spouting WAY more delusional rhetoric, TV agitprop and no-nothing social networking stereotypes. Virtually ALL the folks I’d been working among, when I’d leave Manhattan, were ~1/3 my age and all mixed up, gender/race/ethnicity/awareness; many immigrants, many just back from Iraq, Afghanistan, etc. This stereotype is NOT about them (my FRIENDS!)

With DNC’s hand picked kleptocrats feeding again, on their indentured peonage and deaths o’ disparity; I’m thinking the neoConfederate Democrats and Nazi clown Republicans’ dopplegangster Idiocracy not going to end particularly well?

*well educated, apparently is a euphamism for, rich parents paid somebody off at some ivy league school to get you >3.85 QPA in legally taking folks homes, jobs & equity?

PPS: thank you, yet again @Rebel_Farmer! I needs MOAR beer, first! People here, thought I was CRAZY calling 2016?


Yup…HRC (and her sycophants) leave nothing but blood and the dead in her wake. She is pure evil incarnate.


This just in from Diane Johnston about our current mess. She wrote “Queen of Chaos” about HRC. Good read that puts much in perspective and an informed lens on what is happening now.


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That were cool… Google’s spell-checker, corrected “Know Nothing” out of all recognition, though I’d shut it off & it reset as default? Thanks again, yes, I remember this period, WELL!





Thanks for the link to Taibbi. Hadn’t seen anything by him for a while.

I don’t do TV, MSM anything, or social media except for community organizing. And don’t have a “smart” phone either. I’m pretty selective about what I read or respond to. I believe that if I allow meaningless garbage into my brain cage that it will just get polluted and spit out garbage thinking and analysis. All of this is pretty hard to do for a news junkie like me.

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Think people doubt my saying, I’d not watched TV news since Jan 19, 1981 (and I was living with a FAR nerdier news junkie, that I’d met at J&C school). She’d a 19" B&W Sony which we’d forget having for days at a time. I’ve mentioned waking up to feed the cat and check out links from Yves Smith (now outside Birmingham, but keeps NY insomniac hours?) I’d gone to a get-together at Slainte’ way before the plague & she’d asked to use this phone. Many of them carry flip-phones. She’d certainly never seen a HTC with THIS camera, only now in new iPhones & Notes…so, suddenly, I’d had all these cantankerous commie finance professors & bankers grabbing at my $250 aluminum Tiwanese “work” phone? I’ve been TRYING to post pertinent, astute, prescient stuff, from sources, frequently ignored by many readers my age on the lefty blog-aggregator’s. Just LOVING it when first the interns, then the “regulars” & now, the Editors, here, steal these links to “aggregate” an article, almost diametrically opposed to the original author’s intent. Is aggregate the new, “strawman?” First, they came for the journalists, whistle-blowers and leakers. We never found out what happened after that? Taibbi, Yasha & Mark were fighting, partially over Glenn leaving Pierre Omidyar, etc, etc, etc…


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Congress is not needed to start war anymore…

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Frankly, both parties are acting very badly to one another. Yes, I agree that Trump is an idiot and has been a very bad President, and perhaps even should be impeached, BUT. We Democrats are not exactly being what we should be either, and its principally because we’re hiding a theft of democracy, which is so terrible its driving a huge amount of dishonesty. And we have been hiding this huge scheme, which is rooted in this GATS, a trade agreement which steals our right to regulate dozens of the most important things, for a very long time.

Until there is honesty on that, we’re left with a big problem.

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Meanwhile, thousands of people are dying each day all across the country.

Washington - methinks the drama queen doth protesteth too much.

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Thanks. I’m now in info overload. Going to go to bed and sleep on another day of too much…I’m freaking tired to the bone…

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