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Hit by Flooding From Imelda, Houston Offers Visual Reminder of Why Millions Are Joining Climate Strike

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/09/20/hit-flooding-imelda-houston-offers-visual-reminder-why-millions-are-joining-climate

Houston is the poster child for urban sprawl without zoning restrictions, and for lots and lots of concrete covering natural hurricane barriers. I have no sympathy for those affected by this. They knew what they were signing up for, and failed to have respect for nature. And for hurricanes. Edna Ferber’s novel, Giant, gave a vivid overview of the Texas mentality, and she received death threats because of it. Bottom line-it’s our land and we can do whatever we want with it!


People don’t get to choose where they’re born, and relocating is expensive, therefore not an option for many. But it’s all good. I suspect your sympathy is worth less than your opinion.

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The coastal and marshland cities of the world will be the first to sink into the new climate swamps. The greater picture will not be ‘don’t get to choose where they’re born’ but the fact they did nothing to stop
a disaster they saw coming. Or maybe they mistake water six feet up the wall as just a ‘cycle’.


There are towns where residents have been forced to move and taxpayers have footed the bill for their relocation. It won’t be long before taxpayers bridle at such largesse. If I lived in a low-lying part of the Houston metro, I’d move sooner rather than later:

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Perhaps the people of the state of Texas should just go outside and shout at the sky “I don’t believe in global warming!”
Then they could put some leeches on their diseased kneecap and do some snake handlin’.
Ah Texas. Vying for the title Dumbest state in America. They ain’t gonna let Mississippi beat ‘em out no more!


Don’t forget there’s a non-violent shutdown of DC scheduled for Monday:


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The big daddy emergency is going to be worldwide agricultural failure. People are now fleeing from parts of the world where they can’t grow food any more. We can figure out which areas of the world will seriously dry up and be wheat-free, and which areas of the world will get adequate water.

Coupled with this emergency is the problem that trees will have walking northward to escape a bad climate. An oak tree can walk about 1 mile north every 20 years, assuming that a blue jay takes an acorn and hides it in a field 1 mile north of a mature oak tree. If the woods can’t outrun the moving climate, then we get forests of dead white sticks. Then we get big forest fires.

We either put the species in climate mass extinction zoos or we lose them to extinction. Start now!

Hurricanes get special mention. A number of islands in the Bahamas are just gone. The dirt and sand are still there. A number of people, maybe 1000 of them, were apparently all washed out to sea when their houses started going up the street. We have no reason to not expect that in time, New York, Washington, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Boston, Miami and Houston won’t all take a walk.

I know it’s hard to believe, but some outlets say that Texas may turn blue in 2020.

Actually that water looks rather brownish but if you say Texas will turn blue, well, maybe.

What is the Texas mentality? During Harvey people from every race, religion, class, political persuasion, etc. came together as one. I watched it on television and I saw it with my own two eyes. I saw the same thing yesterday. I’m not sure how accurately Ferber’s wealthy fictional characters represented the average Texan in 1952, but it’s pretty narrow minded to think that they represent the average Texan today. Even the people I know who strongly disagree with you on global warming would be willing to wade through waters possibly containing alligators, poisonous snakes, and hazardous debris to save your life; even knowing how poorly you think of them.

We are forgetting carbon emissions from Trump’s Strongman in Brazil burning down the rain forest

My comment was only about having compassion for people who are suffering. I suppose I should have been less snarky, but the point stands.

The color comes from flooded lightly regulated hog manure ponds. Lovely place Houston. Not!

Although it’s hurricane season, there are now 6 named storms this week brewing in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans and the first six named since 1992. And there are two unnamed tropical storms forming. Just another day in hurricane season.

The color comes from the Mississippi River.

And that’s why they call the lower Mississippi River cancer corridor.

The,color comes from river sediments, not the industrial plants.

You’re right there, bub. River sediment mixed with sewage overflow runoff doesn’t have the purty, freshly varnished ( or lacquered ) glossy sheen that unregulated chemicals, spewing out of poorly designed lagoons and smokestacks, mixed with same, has. " Shiny and new beats hell out of water just looking like pooh " is the Houston Water Dept. of Environmental Services new motto.
Trust me on that.
Of course, Houston has nothin’ on Port Arthur, Texas. " The Pearl of the Texas Coast ", as Koch Industries refers to it, has a high gloss finish and the smell of burning tires, as well.
Plus, frying up a big ol’ mess of ocean shellfish in Port Arthur requires no additional cooking oil. " It’s sort of marinated in, already. Saves a couple of steps and time ", explained Port Arthur Mayor Earl " Buddy " Butterfield.

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It’s not the number of hurricanes so much as the power behind them. These things ramp up to enormous ferocity. We’re easily seeing ten times the damage now that we saw 30 years ago. Maybe that’s a low estimate.

There was one monster hurricane, Camille, way back in 1969. Dorian this month is a sign that we can do far worse.

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