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Hitting Back at Manchin, AOC Rejects Notion That Only 'Begging Corporate CEOs for Money' Counts as 'Serious' Politics

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/02/hitting-back-manchin-aoc-rejects-notion-only-begging-corporate-ceos-money-counts

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Manchin is a Punk Sellout, SMOKE him AOC !!!

What’s unaffordable is our Military Budget.

Which is fundamentally opposed to any Climate Restoration.


Manchin is why even with a double-win in Georgia, the D’s will not really control the Senate. Any pressure put on that troglodyte will make him jump ship and give command back to Sen. Turtle from KY.


Joe Manchin should just 'fess up to being a Republican.


Joe Manchin serves as the poster child for the Democratic Party’s crippling ailment.


The MIC budget should be called what it really is: ECONOMIC, SABOTAGE AND CLIMATE TERRORISM!


Manchin…Mninchin…methinks this is a real life version of Ladyhawke-DINO by day, hard core Federalist Society Republican by night. Which is why we’ve never seen photos of them together.
Stop the whole “begging” thing with CEO’s and the filthy rich. It’s our lives they’ve exploited to convert into “money” for their god complex lifestyle. Time for some taking of our own, starting with our own lives and that of every other being on Gaia. Why do we have homeless people in our alleged enlightened age(which brought in the whole private property idea)? In the recent past, the only homeless people were the sociopaths who were banished from the society for taking advantage of others. Why do we have children who are food insecure and living in a food desert? Why do we have to go bankrupt for medical care or decide to just off ourselves to save the hassle.
Yup, time for pitchforks. And way past time to junk all the devices that estrange us from the real world, from fences to Smartphones(making dumb people)


Exactly my thought.

Truly mind blowing how ignorant he is on every level. Ignorant about money creation, deficits and debt, ignorant about how to compare this system to single payer. Single payer would save society and most individuals money, especially working people. How is single payer unaffordable if the present system costs far more than single payer would? He is just as dumb as he is corrupt.


i’m an old white guy like manchin and we need to get the hell out of the way
my hope is that when the Green New Deal inevitably dies on the vine, AOC sees the writing on the wall and starts a 3rd party

Why would he have to be a Republican? Right wingers like him are perfectly at home in that party, were the norm in the last few decades. Lipinski, Cuellar, right wing too. Pelosi and the DCCC backed them both. No, he is just a modern Democrat. We have what amounts to a one party state on most issues.


It’s hard to make someone understand something if their livelihood depends on them not understanding it.


True, but a person can be both dumb and corrupt.


Aah, “Tweeter and the monkey man”, Manchin and Mitch.


Manchin also was one of 3 democrats to vote for Amy Coney Barret in 2017. His daughter is the CEO that increased her big pharma drug by 600%. He represents a Red state and apparently identifies with his conservative constituents.

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Not that I’m defending the biggest D.I.N.O. in the Senate, but the statement that he voted with trump 51 percent of the time is a bit misleading. Click on the link and take a close look at where he actually did vote.

Then compare that to his WV Senate colleague Capito, daughter of a former governor convicted for corruption, and you’ll actually be grateful for Joe. He’s in a state that voted more for 45 than any other and one dominated by the fossil fuel industry.

The mere fact that a Democrat can get elected there speaks volumes to his skill as a politician, and any imaginable alternative scenario would be tens times worse.

He’s responding to his base when he criticizes AOC, which includes a hundred times as many rabid trump supporters as any other Democrat. Perspective is relevant.

Take a look at where he voted against trump and you’ll be thankful he’s there instead of just another GOP hack.

Joe Manchin is a Republican pretending to be a Democrat–if the Dems manage too flip the Senate he will act as the stopper of any progressive legislation acting in partnership with his true party buds–the Republicans–to continue the destruction of civil society for the purpose of corporate control of the wealth of this nation–the people will be lucky to get a few scraps