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Ho Ho Ho Milk-Breath: On Scowling Little Freeloaders


Ho Ho Ho Milk-Breath: On Scowling Little Freeloaders

If you haven't been paying attention: the GOP has been so gung-ho about stripping health care from millions and giving monstrous tax cuts to a few they let CHIP, which provides health care to 9 million kids, expire. Most people see this gross negligence toward children as immoral, but a cheeky Texas doctor totally gets it: Her shiftless patients are "ungrateful, yowling, diapered maniacs who don’t even use language right," get free milk and are often "literally carried from place to place in the arms of a real taxpayer."


Here’s a thought, stop having kids you can’t afford to take care of. No one should have to pay for food, clothes, housing or medical care for children someone else decided to have. Lazy, pathetic losers that won’t take responsibility for the children they created.


Donald, is that you?


That would mean the majority of americans are lazy pathetic losers.
People can only afford as much as they get paid.
You want them to be able to afford all the expenses of raising a child?
Then pay them higher wages. The majority of jobs in america are low wage jobs and reducing taxes on the rich won’t make the rich suddenly start paying their employees higher wages.
So what’s your solution? All of us to just die because the rich are too greedy to pay higher wages?


Here’s a thought—stop having wars you can’t afford without borrowing from Social Security.


The GOP’s letting CHIP expire brings to mind Barney Frank’s words: The Republican Party believes “life begins at conception and ends at birth.”


Here’s a thought, let’s try not having rich people we can’t afford to support with millions of millions of people working very hard for low wages and precarity. No one should have to pay for the food, clothes, housing or special medical care for the ultra wealthy because they demand it. Lazy, pathetic losers that won’t take responsibility for the brutal society and suffering they needlessly create. Why should we continue to transfer our money to these narcissistic parasites? Why let them run our governments and dominate our lives? If they want to live so large on our backs, let them emigrate to an even more dystopian autocracy. Antarctica would be good - they can do what they like there. Because we won’t stand around and watch you sociopaths kill our people for your greed, corruption, entitlements and Cayman Island resorts! A reckoning is coming.


Abby, cool your jets. This is from Molly Ivins old newspaper. I think this is called irony.


See this is actually some cleverly written irony. This quote, “literally carried from place to place in the arms of a real taxpayer.” refers to the fact that the babies (her patients) are the children of adults who work in jobs that do not pay a living wage and yet, yes, the parents are tax payers.

Get it? It’s okay to chuckle…or to be aghast that corporations get to push off providing health care on the guv-mint, as Molly Ivins herself might have written.


We ARE the government, at least on paper; so if we decide we want to care for each other from cradle to grave, as most civilized countries have done, who are corporations and the rich to say we can’t?


Guild, you touch on something I think we do need to pay attention to. The fact that our manufacturers kind of accidentally became the default insurance provider in a for-profit health care system was decided probably in the 1950-60’s. And it’s turned into a monster. No doubt about it.

Like you (I suspect) I always thought single payer was a better idea than the ACA any day. But like someone I know says, the ACA was an agreement that we would maintain a for profit health insurance industry.

SO you have employers like WalMart who get OUT of their tax liability AND delegate insurance provision for a large number of their employees…to the government. And you have employers who figure it in to the cost of their doing business.

Perhaps like you, what bothers me is the double standard.


Single payer maintains for profit health care and insurance as well. It would take Universal Health Care to change that. Once the military is privatized there is no public health care.


ooh, those semantics.


No not semantics, they are two different types of health care services.


YES! Don’t be slaves----STOP buying into the elite brainwashing----the people are the owners.SUPPORT THE COMMONS.


Who in Maine is supporting Susan Collins? This woman is part of a party that will hold child health care hostage,this woman is part of a party whose leader supports child molesters???Who votes for this person???


No actually it’s that idiot pediatrician mentioned in the article. :thinking: :smirk:


Racist hateful. A doctor is supposed to protect patients, not attack them.

Move to Oklahoma already–Texas does not need or want you. You will feel more comfortable there with your stereotypes.


you realize that whole spiel was sarcasm?


As Chomsky said, the Republican Party is the most dangerous organization in the world today!

To add to that, I would include their so-called “Christian” Evangelist supporters, who seem to be now in full control of domestic and foreign policy.