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'Hocus-Pocus Process': Pelosi Drug Pricing Bill Criticized for Going Too Easy on Big Pharma

'Hocus-Pocus Process': Pelosi Drug Pricing Bill Criticized for Going Too Easy on Big Pharma

Eoin Higgins, staff writer

Divisions in the Democratic House caucus over healthcare continued to deepen this week when the party's leader, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, informed members that drug pricing legislation will be designed to go easy on big pharma.

The new proposal, which Pelosi worked out with President Donald Trump, appears aimed at incremental change to the drug pricing system rather than the kind of relief health activists have been clamoring for over the past year.

Free market capitalism my ass.


Government for the people? No, for the corporation that feeds us and bleeds us at the same time. It means the average Joe is spinning his wheels just to stay afloat.

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There are currently over 10,000 drugs in the National Formulary.


Crumbs is all we’ve gotten for 40 years as they claw back other protections for we the people. 40 F**kng years.

We need an FDR that says they welcome the hatred of the greedy sycophants that hold the wealth of this country.


So at the rate of 25 per year, if my arithmetic is correct, we’ll get relief on about the twelfth of never. Go Nancy, champion of the working class!


Pelosi serves the looting class. She does not serve “We the People.” This is OBVIOUS.


Trump and Pelosi are dealing drugs?

Well, there’s a fuckin surprize…who woulda thunk Pelosi would coddle Big Pharma with a sweetheart deal? After all they look after at-risk Americna’s…don’t they? Or only the CEO scum and shareholder parasites?

No justice, NO peace! No progressive leadership for the Common Good, no mercy for the DINO servants of the greedy-rich!


Use Canada. I have for years for mine and my wife’s more expensive drugs. The cheaper ones or the generics I buy here in the US. Our “representatives” are not going to bite the hand that feeds them (lobbyists). Jesus Christ, I can see where some wouldn’t support Medicare for all, but give us fucking something!!!

Glad I got to sound off with a pharmaceutical company which wanted $200 a tube of compounded medicine I needed (I need at least 5 a month which would eat up just about my entire social security check, my sole income). Will have to do without in spite of pain as I do not tolerate drugs, especially any I must swallow. They could give a fuck but maybe if enough of us agitate and take other actions (not going to specify) we might just make a difference. Then again, with the twin crisis of ecological collapse and nuclear winter this will be a moot point.


Nancy Pelosi is, was, and always has been the enemy of progressives, and nothing but a spineless corporate shill and enabler of the criminal republican party!

Well considering Nancy Pelosi gets a big chunk of her “contributions” from big pharma, which isn’t news to anybody who is half awake, why is there any surprise? Look, these corrupt scum have gone totally overt in their disregard for their constituents wishes. So why on God’s Brown Earth do they keep getting elected???

The progressives in both chambers need laminated “cheat sheets”, showing the money collected by every member of Congress by corp. interests. When something like this comes up, the progressives can shame the member publicly about how much money that member has received from the corporations involved in the topic at hand. If it can be done on TV, even better.

Hard to believe that Palosi has been soiled by drug company money, but then look what they did for Obama. Drugs developed by government grant, our money, cost thousands protected by the copyright scheme, while people are dying. Insulin 2,000.00 a month, pennies to produce?