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Hold the Applause


Hold the Applause

Christopher Brauchli

Do what thy manhood bid thee do,
From none but self expect applause.
Sir Richard Francis Burton

An ad that was run by the Trump campaign hours after the Republican convention ended answers a question that those of us who have watched speeches given by Mr. Trump have asked ourselves. The question is posed by the way in which Mr. Trump makes his appearance when coming on stage before giving a speech. There are, of course, countless ways that a person preparing to give a speech can come onto the stage.


Trump is a f****** lunatic.
Anything negative anybody else says about him is redundant.


Have to agree that this is pretty desperate. No one disputes all the adjectives being used to describe Trump by his opponents (and I'll gladly add a few of my own), but with SO many of Trump's stands on vital issues to debate and discuss, the progressive community can do better than this. Character assassin articles (and comments) aimed at either Trump or Clinton are bottom of the barrel tactics that belong to the two party madness. Leave them there.


FACT: Trump's income tax records will never be made public because they would reveal:

1) that he is a brand and an entertainer who is very successful at profiting from entertaining people and selling his brand, much of that income derived from naming rights, and

2) that Trump is not successful at generating operating revenue from his brick and mortar and cyber businesses, except when bankruptcies surreptitiously land him in the black.

Trump would feel very insecure if voters realized he is not the great businessman he claims to be.


In other words Trump is a f****** lunatic?


Trump may be applauding himself, but he also appears to be
applauding his audience for their applauding for him.
Doug Giebel
Big Sandy, Montana


Now I don't for a moment think this applies to "The Donald" ... however in some cultures ... applauding while others are applauding is what one does ... in Latin America for instance ... one always applaudes those applauding you ... it is a way of acknowledging your humility and your appreciation of people's support for what you represent.

Please America ... and an Non-american ... somehow pull this election of two horrid candidates out of the fire. The world really does depend on you. How you do that - I have no idea. I just know for all our sakes ... do not choose between the two horrid options you are being manipulated into choosing.


It seems to me that we should be more interested in Trump's connections to the alt-right than to nuances about applauding. Whatever he is doing it seems to work pretty well with people did not go to college and not very well with people who did. So if people feel they got nothing out of their college degrees at least they should feel good that they have not fallen for a con artist who somehow got nominated to be president of the United States. All those classes and all that homework was not a waste. If it saves us from Trump it was all worth it.