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Hold the Phones, the Democrats Actually Just Made a Good Ad

Hold the Phones, the Democrats Actually Just Made a Good Ad

Jake Johnson, staff writer

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) is notoriously terrible at producing and articulating an inspirational message that gives voters a reason to turn out—see, for instance, its proposed midterm slogan, "Democrats 2018. I mean, have you seen the other guys?"

There’s a long, LONG way between making a good ad and implementing its themes as policy. Brand D’s record since Harry Truman doesn’t inspire confidence in its sincerity.

But, by all means, let’s talk about class and see where it takes us.


If this is what passes for a good ad, I shudder to think of the bad ads…


I think it’s a Horrible ad! A very lame attempt to elucidate financial inequality. Side table? Really??!!


I liked it.

That is actually a terrible ad.


Because there’s no FREAKIN’ working class people in it. There are only Suits. It’s an inter-professional-business class conflict between the execs and the junior execs.

Way to go DCCC (snark) and these weak willed so-called progressives who think that is an ad about class warfare.

Sheeesh? What will it take for these creeps to realize what’s really going on?

Here’s an ad concept. SHOW A FREAKING’ tired middle aged woman catching a bus to get home after working in a real menial job instead of some suit pretending to be a table. Show her riding the bus for an hour. Show her getting her kid at a daycare and being told she needs to pay the bill. Show her and the kid now riding a different bus.

Have the kid say, “I’m hungry.” Have her say, “We have ramen tonight because of the tax cut. I was able to buy ramen so we can eat this week.” Have her think in a voice over, “But I have no idea what to do for the rest of the month.”

Then pull out of the bus window, pan to a sky scraper, and zoom into a window of a penthouse where a very fat, ugly, old rich guy is on the phone, “Yeah, I want to buy a new yacht to replace my old one, it’s too small. It’s only a seventy footer. Yeah, thanks to the GOP tax cuts I can get a hundred and twenty footer!”

Then have a working class accent do a voice over that says, “Let’s do real tax cuts for working people and increase our wages to $15 an hour and make the rich pay their fair share. Stop welfare to the rich.”


I watched the ad twice. The message: rich people got most of the tax cut (duh) and they are indifferent to the suffering of the poor (duh).

Where is the part about what the Democratic Party plans to do about it? Oh, wait, it’s not there because they have no plans to do anything meaningful.


There is no way the DCCC would put out an ad like the one you describe, because most of their candidates have no intention of doing anything at all to help working people.

Bernie Sanders and the progressive candidates he has inspired would run an ad like yours, though.


More critique of the ad from me:

The rich are working. They are in a business setting working at a conference table. No sense here that the real beneficiaries of this don’t work. They live off investments.

The poor are few and the rich are many. A dozen rich people around a table. Two ‘poor’ people working for them.

The poor directly work for the rich.

The poor are stupid, humiliated, clowns who’ll do any stupid thing for their betters.


A good ad would show an indulgent, lazy rich person doing cocaine and eating expensive food in a place of rest or play.

A good ad would reveal that there are millions of working class people working their tails off and getting less and less and that there are only a few, less than one tenth of one percent rich making millions off this.

A good ad would show that the rich are far removed from the poor.

A good ad would not make fun of poor working people as clowns with no dignity or self respect.

And, as you said, it would have specific proposals to counter it. Not a lot. But something very tangible and specific: like $15 minimum wage or cut taxes for the working class but raise them on the super wealthy so the working class get their cut.


A real ad would have 1$5 now and $20 by 2020! Did the AT&T people get their bonus yet?


Plus look at all the people who won’t even “get it.” Musta been written by a Republithug PR guy.


Would a good ad show a suit like kavanaugh walking away from bereaved Parkland High School dad Fred Guttenberg?

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Have you noticed that most republicans speaking to the public lately have not spoken of policy near as much as whining about everything under the sun. Intentional?

Agreed. This is unbelievably bad! Though I have never voted for a Republican, there’s a reason I’m a registered Independent. We (whomever is opposed to the current regime) have to pull ourselves together and get smart! This gives me no hope whatsoever and makes me understand why younger people I talk to think Trump’s bound for a second term. What I read as cynicism on their part, may be pragmatism if this is going to be the response we put out. I am stunned this ad even got on film! WTF!?!

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If the Democrats DO control Congress during 2019-2020 Trump will blame the negative impacts of his and the GOP’s misdeeds on the Democrats during the 2020 campaign giving him an easy win and second term.

Fewer “younger people” are partisans compared to us boomers and have therefore not overindulged in partisan kool-aid like so many boomers have.

No, it wouldn’t. Don’t you all get it yet?

An ad like that would really passionately activate a lot of people. Yes, that is so. But those people are already in the Democrats pocket and already will be motivated to vote for them.

The goal is to reach the non-voter who would be activated by class based politics and so far have not been activated by the anti-gun, pro-choice, pro-LGBT rights, pro-diversity politics of the Democrats.

The Democrats keep trying to activate them using these politics, year after year, and can’t seem to realize that it doesn’t work. But it sure gets the already fully committed Democrats passionate.

(Do not interpret this critique as meaning I’m against gun control, women’s rights, LGBT rights, or minority rights. I’m very much for those things. But I’m also for what the Democrats don’t seem to care about- fighting for the workers against the Capitalist elites who are like vampires living off the workers’ blood. And that’s what’s missing and needs to happen in the Democrats politics and message.)

Yeah, Lib, I get it. My quip was wry tongue-in-cheek and a shot at that intemperate inebriate nominee.
I left the duopoly a long time ago.

As for America… I don’t know what will help. I’m afraid there’s too much info overload and too much apathy combined with a biochemical propensity to continue following the already programmed beliefs.

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Dry humor often goes right over my head. Ask my adult son. He’ll tell you.