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Hold Your Applause, Warnings Over the Pitfalls of Special Counsel Investigation


Hold Your Applause, Warnings Over the Pitfalls of Special Counsel Investigation

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

While many welcome the appointment of former FBI Director Robert Mueller to oversee the Russia probe as a "first step," observers warn that it is not enough to guarantee an independent, impartial investigation nor to tackle the range of possible misdeeds by President Donald Trump and his team.


Very scary of what it wont reveal. I want Trump tax returns on all his 300 plus corporations. I want to know who he does business with and possible mafia connections worldwide.

Putin is laughing whether their is a connection or not. He has disrupted America’s democracy especially if he caused the election of Trump


Initial impression: Incestuous.


Who really knows? One day at a time while the elites cause chaos and make sure to pick your pocket at the same time.



“…the central question: did Trump’s associates coordinate with the Russian government to become President?”

The great and powerful Putin has magically manipulated the votes of 10s of millions of (boneheaded) US citizens. Oh please.


How many cover-ups and conspiracies are we looking at? How many will Mueller investigate and will ALL the evidence on all the interrelated cases be followed wherever they lead?

"New claims have revived old suspicions that slain Democratic Party staffer Seth Rich, not Russia, was the source of Democratic emails that were slipped to WikiLeaks last year"


Yes, it’s only a start. Mueller can be fired by the acting AG or the Trump Adm., as well., I understand. That smells and looks bad, already.
This is why a truly Independent Prosecutor, answering to an Independent Commission is so important. 40% of the American people won’t believe anything from this investigation. They absolutely won’t believe anything from the MSM. Those bridges weren’t just burned, they were dynamited and may continue to be sabotaged, too.
This is why running a gambit to topple the Trump Adm. through The Swamp & Foggy Bottoms of Washington, D.C., has political quicksand and muck, everywhere. Sides have already been picked.
The Republicans can’t appear to be unpatriotic. It’s the Dreaded Ruskies, after all. But, that said, they have to appear to protect the dangerous, loose cannons of the Trump Adm. & his faction of Kleptocrats.And, they are kleptocrats, for sure.
When Comey said ( something like ) on 60 Minutes, " the American people should be very skeptical of the power of the Federal Gov.t. And, why we have a system of Checks & Balances… "; many people noodded in agreement, especially with the first part of that statement. Nobody trusts The PTB.
Mueller better not be seen to be " siloing " this investigation to protect sources or foreign intelligence arrangements, et al. That won’t fly.
Trump has to turn over his tax returns, and soon.
The $$$ has to be followed and so does " the why ", as well. Short selling and selling Americans short, yet again, won’t sit well with most citizens.


“Those are the things that I got elected to do,” Ryan added. “Those are the things that are within our purview in Congress. So I’m working on making sure that we make good on our promises and fix people’s problems. That’s what’s in my control, and that’s what I’m focused on.”
–Paul Ryan

He says it all while screwing everyone. Russian “meddling in our election” is a distraction! No doubt Trump and his cronies have ties to Russia, but this constant “meddling” narrative repeated by the MSM needs to stop! Prove it already!


I seriously don’t think Mueller wants to screw up his reputation.


Mueller was head of the FBI under Obama, don’t forget.


The article stated:
““However, those groups—in addition to a number of Democratic lawmakers—say that the appointment must be coupled with an independent commission, similar to the 9/11 commission, “to augment the efforts of the special prosecutor and follow the evidence wherever it leads,” as Hobart put it.””

““similar to the 9/11 commission”” Christ, give me A break! The 9-11 commission was nothing short of an abysmal failure, right from the get go, A planned abysmal failure- The only semblance of reality came from Counter Terrorism Chief, Richard Clark, saying, “Your government failed you.” But he placed the bulk of the blame on President Bush, accusing his administration of not making terrorism “an urgent issue.” in his apology to the wives of the deceased, stating that his agency failed to protect- Clarke told relatives of victims in the audience: “Your government failed you, those entrusted with protecting you failed you, and I failed you.” Just as in the JFK inquiry, headed up by the very guy that probably planned the assassination, one Allen Dulles-

If this inquiry is to be based on the 9-11 commission, it has failed before it has begun!
Lets all get REAL here!


First time i reached such great informative website, and tax returns is most impotent for runing a country such kind corporations should give their tax. its a legal thing every country


My gawd. This story, pushed by Sean Hannity this week on his show to avoid discussing the appointment of a special prosecutor, particularly the reasons for it, is absolute filth of the worst sort:

Don’t embarrass yourself by pushing an actual real live distraction. Hannity is invested in the “evil liberals in government taking Trump down” story. Or, maybe you believe Sandy Hook was a false flag event too? That it was a “distraction.”

Here’s what Hannity had to say this week regarding his good buddy Roger Ailes:

Perhaps progressives should start defending Ailes from the hordes of vile liberal haters.


What is it a “distraction” from? I knew prior to Trump’s election that voting in such a way to allow him to enter office would 1) remove renewable energy tax credits; 2) put a right wing Justice on the Supreme Court; 3) wreck the ACA and people’s lives with it; 4) stack the DOJ with Giuliani types; 5) and lead to rampant corruption. I wrote about it here. It seems like the people that keep repeating this line are the same folks who were distracted enough during the election to tell me that bringing these issues up was “fear voting,” that Trump would be “better on Trade,” etc. It’s tough not to see the irony but maybe I’m missing something.


Why do people go to Sean Hannity for anything? Furthermore, was it not the University of Maryland study that found out that people who did not watch the news, had more actual real news, than people who only watched fox news?


What is Mueller’s reputation? Spying, and other dastardly deeds again’t the American people.


I’m not surprised and expected some “progressives” would run with his nonsense.