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Holder: "I Am Opposed to the Death Penalty"


Holder: "I Am Opposed to the Death Penalty"

Jon Queally, staff writer

Attorney General Eric Holder, the nation's senior law enforcement officer, said on Tuesday that he is "opposed to the death penalty" and said a national moratorium would be appropriate while the U.S. Supreme Court reviews a pending challenge to the practice brought by death row inmates in Oklahoma.

During an event at the National Press Club and speaking from what he called a "personal capacity," Holder said that because it is "inevitable" that innocent people end up being wrongfully executed he does not support the concept of state-sanctioned murder.


I, too, am opposed to the death penalty in all cases everywhere by whatever method–lethal injection, electric chair, gas chamber, firing squad, decapitation, or death by drone and other bombs. We must insist that we adhere to basic principles in respect of people who are unloved and seen as a threat. That is when our adherence to human rights is tested. It is not tested in dealing with people like ourselves with whom we can identify. It is tested when we deal with strangers who are hated and feared. We must always set aside our impulse to revenge and retribution.


Holder is opposed to the death penalty because it could be applied against him and Obama for supplying terrorists and drug warlords with arms resulting in mass murder.

He favors daylight bank robbery, however, and won’t prosecute banksters who raid the US Treasury.


“Our system of justice is the best in the world. It is comprised of men and women who do the best they can, get it right more often than not, substantially more right than wrong,” Holder said. “There’s always the possibility that mistakes will be made … It’s for that reason that I am opposed to the death penalty.”

While I am not so sure about his operational predicate (first sentence), I do agree with his conclusion. The argument should be just that simple. No more is needed.


Interesting from a member of an administration that summarily executes by remote drone - what, over a thousand now? - many of them innocent. Guilty (only) by blast proximity according to our finest legal minds.


Holder, like Obama, waited long enough to assure conservative “new world order” policies would rule. Now the imitation progressives can create a legacy of being liberal minded. To hell with Obama and his radically expanded Bush-Cheney policies destroying the republic and nations around the world. The legacy of these despicable, deceitful characters is the global carnage and suffering they have caused.


Holder is not really opposed to the death penalty; otherwise, he would indict his boss for war crimes and so many, many innocent men, women and children given the death penalty by drones!


Is SCOTUS Holder’s next stop?


The US Government and all of its police forces do not give an accurate account of the number of Citizens killed at the hands of a Police Officer. The official numbers that the various agencies provide vastly understate those numbers. Independent websites trying to gather this information have the number at around 1000 citizens a year.

If one compares the USA to a place like the United Kingdom one is around 500 times more likely to be killed at the hands of a Police officer in the US of A.

Were Mr Holder so concerned about the death penalty he would look to prosecuting those Police Officers who murder citizens whom have not even committed a crime and have never had their day in Court.

In the United States of America you can be executed by a police man for the crime of being homeless, or black or because your medical alert bracelet went off or because they “got the wrong house” when “execuitng” a search warrant.