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Holding a ‘Go Donald!’ Media Accountable for ‘Normalizing Extremism’


Holding a ‘Go Donald!’ Media Accountable for ‘Normalizing Extremism’

Janine Jackson

Great Britain won’t actually ban Donald Trump from the country but Parliament did spend time taking seriously what was called Trump’s “poisonous, corrosive” effect on public discourse.


Fascism makes way when religious, academic, and philosophical leaders say nothing.

Thank you to all those who are speaking out against Trump's version of American-Fascism Lite:

"At the same time, actors, writers and others, including Harry Belafonte, Eve Ensler and Noam Chomsky, launched a Stop Hate Dump Trump campaign, that included serving notice to media that they “are accountable for normalizing Trump’s extremism by treating it as entertainment, by giving it inordinate and unequal air time and by refusing to investigate, interrogate or condemn it appropriately.”

And thank you, Ms. Jackson for reporting this.


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The MSM's primary goal is to make money, not provide objective news. Making money is more important than doing what it is in business to do. That is the problem with capitalism in general and leads to highly skewed outcomes, like Trump.


I guess it is ok to shoot people in public then. Well....Trump has enough whiteness and money to get out of any of his gun slinging and shooting episodes.