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Holding A Mirror Up To A Shameful Occupation


Holding A Mirror Up To A Shameful Occupation

Ahed Tamimi, the fierce 16-year-old Palestinian girl arrested last month for confronting an IDF soldier who'd just shot her cousin in the head, has been indicted on 12 vengeful charges, from assault to incitement. Her crime, of course, is not her clumsy child's slap and kick; it's her steadfast, years-long fury, resistance, and refusal to acquiesce to a toxic Occupation. "I won’t give their actions the power to define who I am and what I’ll be," she has said. "We chose the struggle, and our struggle is just."


The bravery of this child should serve as a model for all…


Her spirit burns brightly. There are wonderful human beings, and she clearly is one of them. It really is mind boggling the incredible injustice waged for all of these years against Palestinians. So many Palestinians have known nothing but life under occupation. Brutal occupation.


Brava! Violence may not be the ultimate solution against the patriarchal death cult but sometimes and small act, such as this one is commendable.


Shame America, Shame!!
Israel’s occupation of Palestine continues because the US sanctions and condones that occupation.
There was a time when the US were seen as the ‘goodies’ wearing white hats - now they are viewed for what they always were, a powerful bully that uses any foul means necessary to force clear access to other nations resources for their insatiable wealth seeking corporate oligarchs.


An entire nation and its army feels threatened by a 16 y/o girl.
No wonder Isreal brown noses for US military support- so lame.
Yes I am openly laughing at Isreal.


Go to Pine Ridge, go to Wind River and talk to the about Ahed Tamimi.


This is a case of the oppressed modeling the behavior of their oppressor. The Nazis annexed the Sudetenland and Poland at the outset of WWII and began oppressing the Jews just as the Israelis are illegally annexing traditionally Palestinian lands that were designated as an unoccupied zone by the Balfour Declaration. The Israelis are attempting to conquer the resistance of the Palestinians with force and their version of their “laws”. The Nazis and the Israeli government are making up their laws that favor their occupation and brutal behavior.

Granted, the Arab nations made a mistake by attempting to throw the Israelis into the sea during the 6 Days War and the Israeli army repelled their attack. It is also too bad that their is no real Palestinian leader that can control the Palestinian rocket attacks on Israel. This is still no justification for the Israelis to illegally occupy territories that are not legally theirs.

Too bad! I remember when Israel and the US were beacons of democracy instead of fascism.


Cruelty and injustice cross all borders, irrespective of religion, culture and history. Israel cannot justify its acts. Cruelty and oppression is simply that, period!


Totally agree.


Glad you brought that up, I remember when Israel was a place of hope and new beginnings. Only for a short time but still. Whatever capacity it had to be something more than what it is has long vanished.


Big tough men with powerful guns killing a 14-year old, and then arresting a 16-year old. How brave. How commendable. What a paragon of the new man. The middle east was better off before the Israelis returned. They have done nothing for the area but fertilize the earth with blood. They, like the U.S. are in the throws of the Death Cult euphoria. Hail Caesar!


Every fair-minded Jewish person outside of Israel needs to condemn this craziness. They seem to have taken a page out of Hitler’s playbook and dishonor every Holocaus victim.


#AhedTamimi has more courage to oppose #oppression than the so-called #USA #patriots primarily self-identified as #MAGA and have allowed their #CivilLiberties to be stripped and eroded since at least 2001 by #republicans and #democrats #resist


Thanks for this clear story about the resistance of Ahed Tamimi, including the excellent set of links in the story. The empty responses of so-called “liberal” Zionists betrays the moral emptiness of the entire “Zionist project”.
"Why liberal Zionists have nothing to say about Ahed Tamimi’s slap and arrest"


Rise up. Fight the fascist regimes.:v:


Real democracies don’t punish people for who their relatives are. We appropriately punish people for what they themselves do. And who are you quoting? I saw reference to the family history in the OP, though stated a bit differently.


Anti-Semitism is anti-Semitism no matter how one wants to pretend that it is not. Palestinians have a practice of hiding behind children. They also intentionally place their children in harm’s way in order to gain some type of sympathy. When one plays in the middle of the freeway or throwing rocks at soldiers with guns, do not act so surprised if you get hurt. In this case the IDF did nothing. However, if one is a roaring bigot one can see a video where the soldier does nothing while be physically assaulted and then blame the soldier. There is a name for that type of behavior on the part of the public-- it is called bigotry. Every single day since the UN Partition the Palies could have had their own state, but they have rejected the two state solution every single day and instead are filled with vicious murderous hatred of Jews. As Golda Meier said, “we will have peace when the Palestinians love their children more than they hate Jews.”


This photo harkens back to the virulently racist anti-Japanese propaganda from WW II. It is anti-Semtic race baiting but since Charlottesvile, anti-Semitism has become fashionable about the American extremes. Both the Right extremists and the Left extremists glorify in hating Jews.


Um, the Palestinians are also a Semitic people. Get over it.