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Holding Sessions Accountable on Civil Liberties


Holding Sessions Accountable on Civil Liberties

Rachel Levinson-Waldman

On January 10 and 11, the Senate Judiciary Committee will meet to consider whether Senator Jeff Sessions is fit to be appointed as this country’s next Attorney General.


Sessions should be required to answer this one question, yes or no. “Do you Senator Sessions, believe all human beings regardless of race, religion, or national origin, are entitled to the same rights and privileges as you are”? Any answer other than ‘Yes’ must disqualify him.


What about gender and orientation?


civil liberties: the state of being subject only to laws established for the good of the community, especially with regard to freedom of action and speech.

We don’t actually have these. In fact, we’ve gone in the opposite direction. Consider that we’ve already stripped the poor (those who aren’t of current use to employers/the corporate state) of a list of basic civil and human rights. Americans focus on gaining advantage, not on civil liberties.


At the proverbial end of the day, every aspect of our lives is determined by economic/class status – regardless of gender, race, etc.


Nothing is determined. Limited by others’ perceptions of us and of their own power, but not determined.


It appears that Sessions lied in his testimony: