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Holding US Government to Its Treaty Promises 'For Once,' Supreme Court Rules Nearly Half of Oklahoma Still Native American Territory

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/09/holding-us-government-its-treaty-promises-once-supreme-court-rules-nearly-half


I sure didn’t see this coming.

narf(dot)org. Give till it hurts.


“Unlawful acts, performed long enough and with sufficient vigor, are never enough to amend the law,” Gorsuch [wrote] in the opinion. “To hold otherwise would be to elevate the most brazen and longstanding injustices over the law, both rewarding wrong and failing those in the right.”

Repeat early and often but above all PUT IT INTO PRACTICE!
May it flow down and over the entire society, otherwise PUSH and apply


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The road back!!
Took too long
To right the wrong

Happy we can now see
That peoples will be free


I like this ruling. Let’s do more of it.

In my view, indigenous peoples should be (and should have been) allowed to petition for statehood. Jefferson once floated the idea in his correspondences, and it certainly is more in line with the ideals of the Enlightenment than colonization-by-displacement.


“Because Congress has not said otherwise, we hold the government to its word.”

Why should what Congress says matter at all in this? Frankly, this is all indigenous land and even land that was “ceded” was done at the end of a gun or by pressure from starvation.


Reparations in the works? Evictions of all those squatters land land thieves? Allowing the Indians back on their land? No, to none of the above. This ruling means nothing…


The raging cynic in me is looking for the red-flags everywhere. Is this an elaborate distraction?

Wow. Simply, wow.


But neither should it take nearly four years to come to that conclusion.


Right, this adjusts an intermediate crime against humanity, but not the foundational crime against humanity (and ecology): Grand Theft Continental.

From another stolen continent:

"It belongs to them…
“Let’s give it back”

  • Midnight Oil, Beds Are Burning

That said, i’m caught by surprise by this ruling and by Gorsuch, whose standard @theoldgoat cites:

… which if applied going forward as precedent (fat chance) would push justice forward on lots of longstanding crimes.

Also, as strained as it is, the majority opinion citing acts of Congress, would imply that Congress could by simple act restore any treaty it had previously abrogated.


tip[ of the cap to Gorsuch. Every now and then a justice grows into the Court.

Since I’m living in OK for a bit now, I can tell you it’ll probably be a party down the road…:slight_smile:

Congrats, indigenous brothers and sisters and, well, neighbors…:))


I am so happy for the First Nations today!

This is amazing, but what are the ramifications, really? Yes, the tribes now have recognized sovereignty to make agreements with Oklahoma over zoning, taxation, and criminal prosecution as they see fit. Reservations, however, have some serious strictures that have neither respected the old ways, nor given the First Nations all the options.

Those issues aren’t resolved, but they will get extra visibility now! This is a huge step for native dignity!


Next up-return Paha Sapa to the Lakota. Declare all “federal” lands as belonging to the Indigenous peoples who lived there before the squatters moved in. As descendants of the invaders move out of an area, those who lived there before will move in. Bring back the long grass and short grass prairies in place of factory farms.


You mean like the trillions of $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ in Alaskan oil?

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That is exactly what happened when Chief Seattle ( Chief Sealth was his real name) refused to sell what the U.S. government called his land in 1857 when it was incomprehensible to him that anyone could own the land…so they stole it with bogus treaties and lies.


What a difference exists between Western “civilization” that commodifies everything that it just cannot see, cannot hear, cannot listen and the indigenous peoples of our world. Life is what matters not things. The Black Hills were never ceded either and the Sioux refused and continue to refuse to sell it. Like selling one’s own mother.


Hi buevote:
I Iike this decision because it is fair! But even more than that, Trump really Iikes that awful Andrew Jackson, who said to the Native people that they would have their Iand…
“…as long as grass grows and rivers run.” FinaIIy----they do!

Now I wonder how all those gun toting “US Citizens” accosting persons that look Hispanic and demanding they “Get out of our country and go back where you came from” will react. After all they claim those Hispanics are in the USA illegally and always shout out how important it is to uphold the rule of Constitutional law.

I expect them to be heading down to their local reserve to pile all of their guns up in front of the Tribes meeting house and inform them they will be leaving Native American lands.

That or they will do with the Constitution the same thing they do with “The Holy Bible” and that just honor the parts that benefits them.

I think most of us agree on what SHOULD happen were there any justice. What will happen is as Joe Biden suggested , nothing will really change.