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Holiday Detention


Holiday Detention

Christopher Brauchli

[F]reedom of the person under the protection of the habeas corpus...

— Thomas Jefferson, First Inaugural Address (1801)


“We” fear those who come against all odds to enter the country. What about the fucktards who pollute their “brains” with mindless drivel and make no contribution to society? I say if you have the drive and constitution to come here I shall welcome you as my neighbor. If I can learn a little bit about your culture–food, music, etc.–all the better. You enrich me. I like living amongst the strong.


Since immigration was Trump’s number one issue in his campaign for president this action should not be surprising. He made a lot campaign promises to get the votes of his fellow white supremacists and needs to keep delivering. Trump brought out the worst of millions of Americans, as well as himself, and there is no going back for the white supemascist who want to remake the US into a white supremacist state and are making headway since the 2016 election. .


When People of Trump’s mentality have discriminated toward everyone else and have begun separating the whites into which group is next, what group is going to be the last to survive? The neo-skinheads, the fat rich white’s, the white religious zealots, or a crime oriented group?
Can one image a day when the caucasian race becomes a minority and a president of color starts pulling racist Trump cards out of their ass?


It wasn’t bone spurs that got Individual 1 out of the draft. It was the same thing that gets wealthy young men out of ALL wars…money.


Hi gandolf : Yes, I can imagine it—although I’m not sure if the world or us will experience it what with climate change–
BUT-we already had a minority president who pulled “Get out of Free” cards for bankers and Wall St. and from his very own Peace Prize ass-----so I am not all that hopeful about any future president : )


So true, and I think his punishment is that he has to reside in a gated community with all of his cracker contemporaries.