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'Holiday Gift to Trump': Federal Judge Dismisses Emoluments Suit Against President


'Holiday Gift to Trump': Federal Judge Dismisses Emoluments Suit Against President

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Ruling doesn't say Trump isn't violating the emoluments clause but that the plaintiffs lack standing

"The Constitution's emoluments clauses are core protections against destabilizing foreign and domestic corruption," said CREW executive director Noah Bookbinder.  (Photo: igorvolsky/Twitter)


It’s game over in the USA. The oligarchs have won. It’s a very merry christmas for the sociopathic a$$hole called Trump. And for all his sociopathic a$$hole buddies. The justice system in the USA is a fucking farce. Or as someone corrected my spelling: the JUST US system. Some poor starving soul steals a slice of pizza and goes to jail. Some greedy monster like Trump breaks every fucking law and fucks everyone over and becomes president of the USA. Welcome to Amerikkka.


If a single citizen, or a group of citizens, has no standing to sue the president for violations of the oath of office, who the hell does??? This is pretzel logic from the federal bench.


Allegedly? Just more corroboration that Bush was correct when he called the Constitution of the US null and void, a damn piece of worthless paper!

Forget any more lawsuits against Trump because the courts are corrupt and rigged in his favor. It is a waste of time and $ to go before the unjust; expecting justice!


Calvin Coolidge once said, "The business of America is business."
I think he left out one word to make it correct.
"The business of America is monkey business."
And we’re sure getting a closeup of the monkeys at play, these days.


Yes, and the Gorilla and biggest monkey in the room is the war business.


Yea, verily yea!


Every Single US Citizen is Harmed by tRump’s violations of the Constitution and should therefore have standing to Sue Him for those actions when Congress fails to act.

The Judge is just plain Wrong.


The Judge is more than wrong.

The Judge is corrupt, like those he’s protecting.

Going to need to clean house soon.