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'Holidays Can't Be Jolly If Your Family Is Not Safely Housed': Progressives Urge CDC to Extend Eviction Moratorium

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/25/holidays-cant-be-jolly-if-your-family-not-safely-housed-progressives-urge-cdc-extend




People need to grasp that we’re on our own. Ol Joe will be as little help as he can get away with


We’re the richest country in the world…As long as your rich already.


Love that myth…or wait, We are all in this together… hmm,rich…I guess that we are. Or, let’s see…once we are all vaccinated, we can go back to where we were before… back to normal… the new normal…hmmm…what is that?.. the New Normal of course…just wait and see, and take your vaccine…it’s just a jab, …close your eyes wide shut…what’s in there anywhere, …nothing to worry about…for now… just sit down and take your jab…herd immunity, you know #humanlives matter…


Indeed, we are on our own, as you rightly say; and have been for some time. No one in or near the White House will be of any aid to us as we all struggle to survive. I’m (hopefully) recovering from Covid; so many others who have it are much worse off than I. My symptoms are/were fairly benign, though unable to taste nor smell anything now for 2 weeks. So many having lost their lives, others in extreme decline, and think of all that Trump DID NOT do to lend ANY comfort whatsoever; instead touting the stock market ratings and playing golf, while smirking at the nation as a whole. No, we are in this alone, and only by trying to stand together, somehow, and helping each other may we perhaps survive as a species at this point…


Sure, this extension would be nice, but when it ends, and it will eventually end, tens of millions of American households will still be thousands of dollars behind on their rents and mortgages. That money is certainly not going to fall out of the sky.
Unless some way to help these folks pay off their landlords and banks is implemented first, and extension of the moratorium will simply kick the can down the road for a few more months.


They would not put children out in the cold. Their parents, however,… The US is very very mean to poor people. Because they remind politicians of their failure.

They would break up families if they lacked housing. I remember because I lived across the street from a homeless shelter for families in the late 80s and early 90s and there were an awful lot of families who were losing housing and trying to live in their cars. They were trying to keep their children.

vaquero, CNS damage in COVID-19, like loss of sense of smell, is a symptom of a much worse outcome than what the media would have us believe because of the importance of the pre-Bottinger complex, among other things, that’s what controls autonomic breathing. If you go to PubMed and look at the literature on this you’ll see what I mean.

Resveratrol may help because it is both neuroprotective and inhibits CoV replication. They need to figure this out, its been almost a year and this would be an easy thing to figure out.


Stay safe.
I hope you recover soon - completely.
All my best.

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Why? What I am saying is true. It may help, and the risk of it hurting is zero because the parent plant is the second most used herb for COVID-19 in China.

One doesn’t have to be a genius to see this.

See the clinical trial supporting information on ~https://clinicaltrials.gov also see these abstracts


There is a growing body of literature on the invasion of the CNS by COVID-19. RESV may be an extremely useful substance in that it may help prevent this most costly of COVID complications. Its been shown to do exactly that in other CNS invasive viral illnesses like PRV (pseudorabies virus in pigs, please look that up) It can almost totally prevent CNS invasion by PRV in piglets. A medium and high dose completely prevented infection by nasal instillation. Even a low dose substantially reduces mortality. (of PRV in piglets, which has a higher mortality rate than COVID-19)




I thought the bill extended the moratorium on eviction until January 31? If you are on the verge of getting tossed out of your house today, what is going to radically change in one month that is going to save you? If the CDC can unilaterally extend the moratorium, won’t Biden have that option on day one of his administration? Haven’t people been evicted even with the current CDC moratorium in place? The only warmth I’m feeling this holiday season is from the smoke they people are blowing up my ass.


Politician base success on metrics like the stock market, influence, and how many powerful people will kiss their ass for favors. The homeless are invisible to them whether they are two, twenty, or eighty years old. The only time they care at all is if the tents start to encroach on the gates of their rich communities.

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This is new territory for the medical profession too.


Have you ever heard of NAC, n-acetyl-cysteine? That may also be helpful, I think the chance is very high that is helpful. Again a number of papers on COVID have pointed in that direction. Because glutathione - redox status, is very important in respiratory viruses.

get it in powder form. Don’t go out to buy it, get it via the net so its delivered. Its around $35/kilo So its very cheap. If you have a doctor, tell them anything you take, and give them the URLs of any info you base it on. You should learn what you can about whatever is happening, you are the most motivated to figure out what to do but people lack the knowledge to understand whats being said in peer reviewed science papers and there is no substitute for that knowledge.

Pubmed dot gov is very useful but you need to know what to look for and how to use it. But one has to start somewhere.


They want poor people out of cities.


And not or-

Thanks for the good wishes-I’m working on it!


The loss of jobs has been happening for a long time, and coronavirus is not the main reason for it. Our number one priority should be to prevent the loss of more jobs and to bring education to people who presently are stuck in dead end jobs and especially unemployed in the hope they can upgrade their lives to something more remunerative. Otherwise its going to get much worse soon. Biden = TISA. TISA is potentially very very bad for middle class jobs.

It will outsource a lot of jobs. :frowning:

They don’t care, they are lying because it looks so ugly but they don’t care, they just want more profits and cheaper workers means more profits. Trade deals will outsource a lot (almost all) of the jobs if we let them. We can’t stop it, if the workers are overseas. The jobs just disappear.

But -they will outsource jobs that must be done here too.

By the tens of millions, soon, you can almost count on it.

if they can get the visa quota issue rigged their way we will have to let them do it. They are working hard on this for years all under the radar.

And they will. I suspect very strongly that this change will occur soon.
It will be like the plug being taken out of the bathtub. Jobs will be taken by workers who, as their last task, the departing worker must train.

The decent jobs will drain away from communities like the life from a person’s body. Who will get them? Recently graduated professional workers from all around the world, and they will be paid very little. “A legal US wage” and possibly even less. (They argue that its a trade barrier discriminatory to make them pay a US wage. Yes, that’s not a typo, the body shop firms (typically IT consulting or staffing firms from countries known for their low wages) want to be able to pay their people, who are alleged to be highly skilled, - even less than US minimum wage.

They claim a very low wage is their main competitive advantage, (also claiming that the jobs are an entitlement we owe them because of trade deals.)

This shift is right around the corner. We can’t wait. It will be upon us before we know it.

Don’t blame the workers, this is what they are forced to do, work for these low wages and sometimes, even pay bribes to get their first “US job”.

This is already happening in IT and its decimated a lot of peoples careers. Imagine it happening in dozens of other bread and butter job areas too. That’s what they are planning to do.

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I saw a video recently of police being stopped by protesters from evicting people somewhere in the US but I can’t find any news reports about it anywhere and I can’t remember what city it was in. Does anyone know where it was? People physically blocked police from coming in to evict people and the police left the scene without evicting the tenants. People will need to band together to stop the theft of properties by the oligarchs and banks or we are heading for something worse than 2008 (2008 was also on Biden’s watch).

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