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'Holidays Can't Be Jolly If Your Family Is Not Safely Housed': Progressives Urge CDC to Extend Eviction Moratorium

This is an interesting take on a similar situation in Philly.

“Once-homeless Philly Families Are Squatting In PHA Houses. The Agency Wants Them Out”


Thanks for the link. My question would be: if there is a multitude of homeless people, why are there PHA houses and buildings left vacant? If PHA objects to people moving into buildings that they have left vacant, what is PHA doing to get people into these buildings? Does PHA have less funding available than a homeless person who moved in and cleaned and got the place habitable?


Legitimate questions, the homeless in Philly have the same ones. The woman the story was focused on, has been on the PHA list for housing for 10 years. This scenario plays out in almost every US city, many more vacant houses or apartments than homeless people in any given area. My guess is it’s capitalism at it’s finest.


There was an article I read where a Company was paying premium dollars to hire people to help evict persons from their homes. They had to pay an ever higher wage because they were having trouble attracting persons to that position BUT there will be people willing to take it on.

They were also finding that many would participate in one or two evictions and then quit.


During the economic downturn in 2008 and followed by the COVID dip a number of institutional investors bought up a lot of those homes. What they are doing is allowing them to sit vacant so as to jack up rents on other properties they hold. They are finding this allows a better return on the dollar then renting them all out at a lower rate. Added to that they still maintain the value of their investment because the property values go up.

Capitalism is based on creating artificial scarcity (See burning of food during the depression so as to keep food prices high)


Instead of forgiving student debt, how about forgiving family back rent and issue food stamps?

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The CDC providing one more month of renter protection can have a positive result. But it does not provide the new executive branch very much time to fine tune a lasting policy and procedure to help renters.

You ain’t gonna like it - but, we may have to use eminent domain on Jared’s apartment complexes to protect his renters from his wrath.

Meanwhile: If DC congress was syncronized swimming, they would all have drowned 18 months ago.

They had programs like that in the 70s. But GATS made them (and building new public housing) a violation of international law, because it derogates the value of foreign investors property.

Just like expanding public healthcare, when we joined the WTO the GATS services agreement made it in all practical terms impossible.

Now every change we make in those many areas has to eliminate public services and locks in. this is called the ratchet effect, look it up.

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Youre nuts.

I know this is depressing, but trust me, redevelopment will make tens of millions of poor people homeless. It would be the worst possible thing for all the poor and middle class neighborhoods.

The real estate developers will cash in but millions of people will be tossed out on their asses. Even the ones who are not behind at all in their rents.

You’re falling for their trick. The same trick they are using to destroy public healthcare and education.

They are NOT going to forgive student debt, they just want poor people to think they “might”.

You missed the hit against the real estate developers. You are not in an area of gentrification, I am.
Houses are selling within two days here. Rents for a two bedroom, one bath house is now $1,600 per month. It was $1,000 per month until July, 2020. One neighbor lady is working two full time jobs to stay in her townhouse with two children.

Updating existing homes makes financial sense. If a new stick built house takes 2,000 man hours to complete and an existing home gets re-wire, re-plumb, upgrade kitchen and bath + insulate and install a high efficiency furnace and A/C = 120 to 130 man hours plus material. Duh, that is not nutz.

62 years ago, my home county built public owned brick ground level housing for elderly and poor families. It has been well maintained and occupied. Private owned apartment complexes a few blocks away fell to disrepair, shabby neighborhood right in the center of town. Surrounded by upper middle class single family homes, which remain desired.

I am not proposing apartment buildings, they failed. Duplexes, ground level, maintained. There are plenty of empty lots available here to build on. The city sells them for $1 to a person already living on the street. Garden, lawns, replace weeds.

The real estate developers have the cash in hand right now to buy. The 2008/2009 depression had over 25% of Indianapolis home transfers of ownership to private money leaches. There were ten homes on one street and only one was occupied by owner and nine were empty, going thru the long exorcism of foreclosures. This time it is days and hours rather than three years to clear titles and move on.

They just want poor people to be replaced by rich people.

Its nuts.

Yeah, Vaquero, hope you will be fully recovered soon. Wish I could send you some homemade elderberry syrup (with Vodka added–as a preservative, of course!)

By the way these evictions are starting up across Canada too. There was a eviction freeze and a rent freeze due to COVID but these are different Province to Province. In most Provinces the freezes are lifted and the Landlords are ramping up with eviction notices.

Here in the greater Vancouver area we have the most expensive rents in all of Canada. Median rent for a one Bedroom apartment is 1600$$. If you are getting 2000 a month from CERB you are not going to have a lot left over after rent paid.

It worth pointing out there also has been a long standing rent freeze and a percentage a landlord could raise rent year to year. (It usually under 2 percent) How they get around that is they are allowed to raise the rent as much as they want when there a new tenant. When they push these evictions through they then jack up the rent.

What Capitalism has found is that there no profit in low cost homes so older low rent buildings are being replaced with upscale Condos and townhouses. Areas are being gentrified and as far as the city is concerned, while they express their concern about homelessness , as property values rise they get more in the way of taxes.

A sweetheart deal was leaked to the public about a Local slumlord who had his property seized by the City for a token payment of 1 dollar. While this is what they claimed they did publicly in reality they paid him close to 12 million under the table for run down decrepit buildings that are unsafe to live in. (the properties assessed at around 6 million combined)

Added to all that I read recently that Ivanka Trump was involved in a shady deal here in Vancouver involving 360 millions and various properties . The FBI apparently investigated but these people come from the world over “investing” in Vancouver resulting in Real estate values climbing and ever less housing for the poor.

I believe the eviction moratorium was certainly necessary, but this latest discussion does beg the question “When to end it?” A fixed date is clearly not workable, we need an objective criteria, something like <10% unemployment. Many individuals, not just corporations, depend on rents for income; maybe suspend rents for buildings worth over 1 or 2 million$ - I don’t know but realistically you can’t just suspend rents without also suspending real estate taxes, which governments will NEVER allow. Like Afghanistan, we are in a situation that allows no easy exit.

@vaquero the loss of the sense of smell means you should take your situation very seriously. I read yesterday - and this is consistent with what I have read elsewhere, that hyposmia - could be also a sign of virus persistence and persistent carrier status as well.

See ~https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/pmid/32550783/


Speculation, but well founded in science…

As we get older, we use up the cysteine in our diet faster, but redox status seems all important in respiratory diseases… n-acetylcystene is how we keep it healthy.

Low glutathione may be dangerous in Covid-19 - So we should build it up by eating more of it. Its a food.

Cysteine is found in whey protein

The most direct way to get it is n-acetylcysteine. Which can be purchased in powder form.

n-acetylcysteine may help improve glutathione status (its its immediate precursor) and help your body in innumerable ways. Higher glutathione always helps - all other things being equal. This seems to be a very simple and straightforward intervention both at home and in hospitals.
It can be taken in water in small amounts frequently orally. I have taken NAC for >30 yrs.

See ~https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/?term=acetylcysteine%20covid

Lots of articles!

Yes, I am also surrounded by extreme gentrification, and the area I left previously is the worst in the country, or close to it. The problem for renters is their existing low rent in cities is tied to the apartment they are resident in (rent stabilization) CPI, but rents when renting are not. So, suppose a family loses their $1500/month apartment they have had for 20 yrs. Suddenly they are looking at a minimum $3000 month rent for a much smaller apartment. The new apartments which are built to “replace” the old ones must be market rate, and commercial, because the governments who joined WTO cannot build new public housing after 1995 because of GATS. We are under pressure to phase out public everything if we are in FTAs with the US, and we ARE the US, see the problem?

Its an impossible situation for all, even if they have perfect credit. So they end up not having any alternative at all. And homeless.

See Kelo vs. City of New London.

Government would not let the people buy their run down apartments or make them energy efficient without a national push to save affordable housing, not replace it (Green New Deal will cause large scale homelessness!)

it wants to give that land which used to hold the affordable postwar apartments most of the residents lived in or still live in, for now. to a developer to build expensive apartments on to increase their tax base. (see above) Putting people out on the street?

The increase in energy prices thats coming with export is welcomed as a savior by big developers because it lets them tear down entire cities and replace them with high rise expensive condos through eminent domain.

The crrent residents wages have not kept up with prices, (and now many have lost jobs) so its an impossibly expensive situation they are in if they lose their apartments. This has all been planned out over decades by the very few. And GATS is at the core of the global grab.

We have to change GATS!

And yes, instead We have to do inexpensive upgrades on apartments, like triple paned argon windows, instead of replacing the whole building with ugly expensive million dollar condos. Which quite possibly will just sit, unsold because their prices are too high.

What you’re proposing was done before GATS but its now not done as far as I can tell because its forbidden for the government to step in in all the ways it used to, it seems to me, they only can deregulate which means end public services, not start new ones…

Poor and working people have become more and more powerless because of these trade deals.

GATS is the underlying root cause of SO many problems and so much dishonesty.

Landlords often do want to continue renting to their long term tenants, but the gas export will lead to large scale “redevelopment” or slum clearance - even of well maintained housing stock, the price increase will be used as an excuse to push literally millions of families who vote out of the cities they live in if they cant find another apartment they can afford. And they are unlikely to because rents have risen a lot since they rented those apartments, in many cases.

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Thank you. The syrup and vodka would both be gladly taken!! :blush:

Thank you for this information!

I would only tell you about good things, that are also really cheap, or almost free.

We’re dropping the ball very badly on our global responsibilities to help people with Covid with better advice. There are almost certainly other interventions that with this one could help lot of people do MUCH much better than they are now.

Another one is resveratrol. The likelihood is very high that is especially helpful early on. Its in Phase 2 clinical trials. But its taking sooo sooo long.