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Holocaust Survivor and Human Rights Activist Hedy Epstein Dies at 91


Holocaust Survivor and Human Rights Activist Hedy Epstein Dies at 91

ST. LOUIS, Missouri – Holocaust survivor Hedy Epstein, 91, died at her home in St. Louis, Missouri, USA, on May 26, 2016. An internationally renowned, respected and admired advocate for human and civil rights, Hedy was encircled by friends who lovingly cared for her at home.

Born August 15, 1924, in the Bavarian region of Germany, her lifelong commitment to human rights was formed by the horrific experiences she and her family endured under the repressive Nazi regime.


Rest in peace, Hedy! I met her years ago in the West Bank, at a demonstration protesting against the Apartheid Wall, when the soldiers shoot at the legs of an Israeli protester, who was evacuated by the Palestinians as the soldiers refused to take him to the hospital. And there she was, a frail but determined old lady, with a great young spirit, looking for somebody who could take her to Ramallah... Afterwards I met her more times. She always remained on my mind as the embodiment of internationalism and compassion. I see she adopted the words "Stay Human", uttered by an Italian International, Vittorio Arrigoni, murdered by al-Qaeda in Gaza. So many heroes for a just cause, as started by Rachel Corrie, and kept by the presence of so many Israeli pacifists, like Dorothy Naor... Hedy Epstein will always enlighten the path of the young whose dreams come true sooner or later. Good-bye, Hedy!


Seems to be a genuine advocate for the relief of suffering humans. Would have been nice for her to invoke a kind word for native Americans.


One of the true inspirational and dedicated beings in this world. We can't thank you enough for your commitment to humanity's better side and to personal integrity. RIP.


Great lady.She will be missed.