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Holy Schnikes, Who Are These People?


Holy Schnikes, Who Are These People?

In a galaxy far far away, it seems the fetid GOP political machine is grinding away, funded with perks like the $72 Dick Cheney cowboy hat and aimed at "restoring strength in America (with) strong, principled leadership." To remind us what that entails, this week saw the "shock and awe launch of Jeb World," eager talk of the Holy War wingnuts say we need to start, and a GOP straw poll offering up 33 mind-bogglingly noxious candidates.


Lesser evilism is a key factor in bringing us to this tragicomic juncture. The GOP becomes increasingly insane largely because the Democrats continue to annex GOP policy territory. All that remains to the right-wingers is to be more aggressive at killing brown foreigners and to be more overt about attacking the social structures that Democrats sell off to their own corporate sponsors.

We have two basic choices: we can stage a ballot box revolution, wherein the electorate rises up and selects its own non-corporate slate of candidates; or we can pop the popcorn and watch as human bodies and iPhones are torn asunder in the cataclysm of societal collapse. Even money, to be paid in worthless, bloodsoaked currency notes, is on the latter.


“…the antics of these dreadful, stupid, petty, mindless, mean-spirited, greedy and amoral alleged human beings.” You are too kind. Please let me add a few selected descriptors that are missing: callous, opportunistic, rapacious, and unscrupulous.