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'Holy Smokes, This Thing Could Get HUGE': NYC Public Schools to Let Students #ClimateStrike

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/09/12/holy-smokes-thing-could-get-huge-nyc-public-schools-let-students-climatestrike


So it’s not really strike. The get an extra day of vacation.

wonder if they gonna still be bused to to school and the NYC School system will coordinate the whole thing or will they be allowed to join protests of their choice. My guess is, teachers will be paid either way otherwise the union would have fit.

I know, these fucking kids, the unions and public schools, all up in arms about an environmental crisis that could bring down civilization. These rubes need to read more Hayek, Rothbard and von Mises, am I right? Get their heads straight, and get serious about freedom and all that.


10,000 hearts


I know it’s 45 min. long but it is sooo worth your time…I hope it’s not just huge but Giant.


Same here 10,0001. Great post


So don’t call it a strike. Call it a school district organized protest. What’s next, the city gonna supply them with banners and signs?

“So it’s not really strike. The get an extra day of vacation.”

Yea HAW HAW! You seen thru those lazy studints saying there skeered of the stupid fake climate changing. I kin see you went to skool real good cuz you kin see thru there game an you even know what is in their brain even if there too dumb and lyin to admit it. Everyone should be more not stoopid like you and go to work and shut the fuck up.


English is not my first language but you definitely got your work cut out for you, Bubba!

This is one of those sea changes where the state - or liberal elements of the state - aligns itself with a protest action or movement.

Essentially, an exercise of civil liberties has been endorsed by NYC.

In part this is practical and will make students safer (parent permission and inclusion, likelihood of teacher-accompanied marches around the school vs. students simply not showing up). But at the same time it is a moment of state level action where the idea of climate crisis becomes a legitimate, mainstream, institutional topic of concern - becomes generally valid vs. a narrowly political topic.

Something like this happened a few years ago after the Parkland mass school shooting when NYC ok’d a national student-led protest action. I speculate something like it happened at points during the Civil Rights Movement - with some anti-segregationist, northern state governments showing solidarity with southern freedom fighters by educating and ok’ing student actions. Perhaps the same with the anti-Vietnam War student movement - depending on the locality…

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Here’s more good news against the corporate empire of global destruction; “Harvard members of Divest Harvard — a student group demanding the University divest from fossil fuels — are renewing their calls on Harvard to withdraw its holdings in farmland across the globe, including in Brazil.” Now that is a good start.

I would like to direct all of you to bookmark www.farmlandgrab.org for great information on the global battle against Big Ag, landgrabbing and greedy investors that you won’t see in MSM. Good luck to our future leaders that light a candle to see a vision for a better world, unlike our “leaders” that hide in a cave and close their eyes to the truth.


Or call it something that continues to allow you to think of anything but the damn issue. Let us call it freedom and liberty, two words you people like a lot. Now, why would people want to bring attention to the issue? Maybe because they want to avoid societal collapse? If they see what is happening, see those with power doing far too little or making it worse, what should they do? Be a functioning sociopath like you and treat this as a joke?

I agree, kids will learn, and grow from this exercise in how things work.

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Should we not be more concerned with the destruction of Life as we know it rather than “civilization” as it was modern industrial “civilization” that got us here in the first place?

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There, fixed it for ya.


The only way things will really change, and global warming will be addressed as the extinction level event that it is, will be when every child walks out of every school on the earth, and DOESN’T COME BACK. And then of course their parents need to walk out of their workplaces, and DOESN’T COME BACK.
Only when the death cult of capitalism is addressed will we even to hope to deal with the scourge that is global warming.

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Joan, the earth is just fine. Climate had always been changing is gonna continue to chnage long after you and i are gone, after our kids and grand kids are gone. There is not gonna be any societal collapse despite of what all sorts of alarmists are saying. This climate fear-mongering is the kinda like the Rapture for religious zealots. Trying to keep their pawns under control.

The please let’s refrain from calling each other names like sociopaths and the like.

Sez you.

There is already, and it’s going to get worse.

I suspect you’re one of those, like Pwesident Twump, who respond to alarms about environmental degradation by shrugging: “What do I care? I’ll be dead by then.” That’s first-degree nihilism.


Lamonte7 has his head up his ass…

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In one small way, i do agree with him here. Because the school board is sanctioning this particular protest, nothing is being sacrificed, so it’s mostly just symbolic. However, this is a GLOBAL strike. It will be more interesting what happens in other districts where kids face penalties for their action.