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Home District 'Stakeouts' Begin as TrumpCare Advances in Congress


Home District 'Stakeouts' Begin as TrumpCare Advances in Congress

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

The GOP's healthcare plan narrowly passed out of the House Budget Committee on Thursday, while "stakeouts" began in Congressional home districts aimed at pressuring lawmakers to vote against the widely unpopular legislation.


Price responded: "The fact of the matter is, we don't. We don't want to take care away from anybody. What we want to make certain, though, is that every single American has access to the kind of coverage and care that they want for themselves."

Well, in that case, every single American should have access to the SAME coverage that Congress has. It's only fair that the employers should have as good a level of care (why don't these Congress-types understand that "insurance/coverage" does not equal "care"???) as those who are the employees.


When will this myth die! Congress people are required to get their coverage from Obamacare - they don't even get typical employer-provided coverage.


Yeah, you mendacious smuck access does not translate into affordable and neither does it translate into equitable care: let us all have YOUR healthcare that is publicly funded!

Are we to believe this heartless soul Price took an oath of not doing any harm? He is nothing more than a parrot
for the right wing talking points. Let's fight for true coverage of everyone: Single-Payer now!

*Contact Price directly: HHS Secretary

HHS Office of the Secretary
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But unlike the rest of us, they have protections that us common folk don't have. According to Snopes: (last paragraphs in posting)

Again, these benefits are similar to those offered by many large employers. However, there are two areas where Members of Congress (not staff or family members) can receive free or low-cost health care that the average citizen cannot access. The first is having access to the Office of the Attending Physician. For an annual fee (unspecified), MOC can receive limited care for routine examinations, consultations, and certain diagnostic tests.

The second option is also only available to current Members of Congress. In the Capital region only, they may receive free medical outpatient care at military facilities. If they are outside of the Capital region or if they need inpatient care, then MOC must pay 100 percent of the full cost of that military health care.

Finally, upon separation from political life, Members of Congress may purchase FEHBP insurance if they are otherwise eligible for retirement and if they have had five years of continuous healthcare coverage under their DC SHOP plans.

If the Affordable Care Act is repealed, members of Congress have a fallback plan. They would be able to return to the FEHBP. Twenty million other Americans won’t.

Sounds like a pretty sweet deal...


We will get single payer when the markets and their propaganda are stopped from dictating our social decisions


If the Republican plan goes through the Doctors will be paid more, Pharmaceutical cost will continue to rise, deductibles will rise, and coverage for 50-65 year olds will significantly rise. Millions of people will be priced out of the market. Republicans say competition will cause health care costs to go down. But if that occurs it will only be after the costs for insurance skyrockets.
This is just plain obvious. If insurance companies can not have low risk people paying into the overall policies, the remainder of the health care participants will have to pay much more for less coverage. That is just plain obvious - insurance companies are going to have to get higher premiums or they are unprofitable.
Republicans know this but they know they have to say that that won't happen.
If you don't understand this you are just playing a fool's game.


And they leave congress so much poorer than they went in.


Yep, this is not healthcare it is wealthcare.


The GOP's guiding philosophy of "you're on your own" is fatally flawed when it comes to healthcare. No one can afford modern healthcare, which, unlike the days of leeches and herbs, is based on costly, highly researched and refined global scientific research and technological inventions. Because of this complexity, and because we value each human life (or so we say), healthcare must be a shared societal cost. In countries with socialized healthcare, statistics show that citizens are healthier, live longer and don't face personal and family financial collapse when an illness hits.Stress is reduced and employers are freed of the administrative burden involved, not to mention the enormous efficiency and cost savings that come from eliminating insurance companies. Why are we not talking to and looking at our closest allies for an example? The only reason is immovable, irrational and arrogant ideology and pure unfettered greed. America needs to wise up and demand socialized healthcare, for the good of all of us.