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'Home Means Everything': Campaigners Aim to Stop All Evictions for Duration of Pandemic

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/08/home-means-everything-campaigners-aim-stop-all-evictions-duration-pandemic

This is a systems failure, an epic fail of the whole doctrine of private property, personal ownership of land, and forcing people to pay for shelter. In the not so far past, the only homeless people were those who were banished for their dangerous actions against the rest of the community. Some were killed privately, others were branded to show no one was to give them shelter or food. In any event, it made sure sociopaths were evicted from the comity and the polity, unable to do anymore harm.
But some cultures shifted gears, from a rule of the commons to individual ownership of property, from slaves to land. There still remained The Commons, lands free for non-owners to live on, grow crops on, and raise their livestock. This went south during the 15th and 16th Centuries, when landowners began to look on their land as a commodity and refused the Commons the right to manure the land, to rotate crops, or allow land to lie fallow. It all had to become productive to fuel the new capitalist marketplaces that were springing up.
Wealth from Turtle Island flooded Europe, bringing inflation and even more need for land to be productive. And it was decided to pass the Enclosure Act to allow landlords to raise sheep for nice expensive wool. This drove the Commons into the cities, regardless of uprisings in both England and the mainland. It suited the new industrialists very well, giving them lots of labor willing to work for practically nothing in the dark satanic mills. Forests of virgin wood were cut down in droves to build more ships for the Triangular Trade, and nothing was re-planted.
And so it went, the dance of death, and so it goes on. But…I would urge these folks who are about to be evicted to declare the Law of the Commons under English Common Law. They have lived long enough in those buildings to have the right to shelter there, free of harassment. This will be our Peasant’s Uprising, our refusal to be cast out into the world without a place to call home.
All those houses the rich own around the world but don’t even use…declare them abandoned and then convert them into affordable housing. All the abandoned Big Box stores…again, convert into housing. All the strip-mined inner city spaces and those in the inner ring of suburbs, again use for housing.
And, for the good of all, let’s give up this new idea for our species of private ownership of land. Let it be open for Nature and for small comities, decentralizing the way too large nation states.
Good places to start-Trump resorts/golf clubs. Return them to The Commons and to people.

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America: " the vast open lands aren’t free and the millionaires’ homes contain no braves. "
The hedge fund managers, who are colluding with insurance companies and mega-banks, have blown up another " bubble " in their property scams regarding residential and multi-family housing. Our government, and the political class managers running it ( the pols ), have been so thoroughly compromised by the wealthy few, they could all be prosecuted for multiple conflicts of interest and violations of their various and sundry fiduciary responsibilities. Just look around; really, what do you see?
In 1968 I thought our country had lost its way in the larger world. In 1980 I thought our country had lost its ability to understand logic or perform basic mathematics. In 2000 I thought our country had completely lost its moral compass and democratic values. And, in 2020, I think America has completely lost its mind. If it ever had one.
Just sayin’.

Could partly be that people find themselves in a fairly locked in lifestyle. And these days a shaky one at that.
One link of the support chain and the house of cards can come tumbling down.
People are right now locked in for the most part. We are all holding our breath, waiting for another shoe to drop.
But there is hope. If you can generate a million bucks you can escape the food lines forever.