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Home, Sweet Kleptocracy


Home, Sweet Kleptocracy

Rebecca Gordon

A top government official with energy industry holdings huddles in secret with oil company executives to work out the details of a potentially lucrative “national energy policy.” Later, that same official steers billions of government dollars to his former oi


Great article. Well-researched and instructive. And entertaining. Had no idea we had our own little Kabul-towns.


What is the antidote for Kleptocracy?
Why, Bernie, of course!
The system isn't broken, IT'S FIXED!! We need to get money out of politics as a first order of business. We can't repair anything as long as the electoral FIX is in!
The results of this election will dictate the course of the US: will we continue this grand experiment, or will we abide our continually worsening situation until Nero's second coming.
Hillary isn't change.


There are southern states with debtor like prisons. Usually this goes on in poor communities who have no ability to fight back.


As much as I like Bernie, he can't fix this. Congress will never go along with stopping the legalized bribery and he will have no authority over local communities. This would take a revolution to get rid of everyone in government from elected officials to top bureaucrats. Then passing laws to make it illegal. Then a constitutional amendment to stop citizen united. How do you find the honest people to vote for in a country awashed in money for all politicians? During non-presidential elections only 30-40% vote. In a presidential election, it is barely 60%. You would need thousands of bernies across the country.


I agree. Bernie is only a step in the right direction. Step one, is better minimum wage pay so people are not forced into debt so easily. Step two is free public college tuition to reduce the funds flowing into finance and so more people can escape low pay without being forced into debt so easily. Step three is Federal funding for infrastructure so our local Governments are not forced into debt so easily. Step four is National Health Insurance to reduce the funds flowing into finance and so people are not forced into debt so easily.


I've noticed in my small southern town that the court system is totally based on extortion. I'm talking about how Small Claims operate.

There are two things missing from an otherwise good article. First, for a real grand finale to the "end of Democracy" and rule by plutocratic kleptocrats, TPP and TIPP are the cherries on the corruption cake.

Second, like too many writers, when Ms. Gordon mentions the parallels between the Taliban and the type of Christian theocracy that will tell people what they can and cannot do, no mention of the underlying misogyny that is part and parcel to top-down patriarchal governing structures is made.

This omission is glaring because the absence of its witness in too many articles creates in many persons' minds, the idea that it's irrelevant or invisible or unimportant.


Gentlemen, and lady readers,
We can't get there from here. This is true. Bernie alone can't fix congress. Thus my comments to throw out your local rascal. In my case, it's time to flush John McCain. And I'm putting my money where my mouth is to support Anne Kirkpatrick. My point is that I SHOULDN'T HAVE TO! I should not have to give my hard earned, yet somehow disproportionate-to-my-contribution-but-in-the-wrong-direction (I save and make my employers about a million dollars a year with my engineering contributions) money to a damned politician. My vote should be enough.

I also understand that the ONLY way we're going to get there is to elect the Bernies and Annes throughout the country or we'll be stuck in the Corporations United world until we start killing each other over our perceived (yet not real) differences.