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Homegrown Terrorism is Rooted in US Actions, Not Islam. Just Ask the FBI

Homegrown Terrorism is Rooted in US Actions, Not Islam. Just Ask the FBI

CJ Werleman

If a Muslim carried out an attack on a funeral home in the United States, killing 140 mourners, the public discourse that would inevitably follow is by now all too predictable: blame would be apportioned to the attacker's faith and culture.

A 2012 FBI report into homegrown extremism found that grievances over US military action far outrank any other factor – including religious ideology


Duh! Whose needs million dollar studies by group after group to prove this.

All I need to know if they killed my mother, father, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, cousins and second cousins I would be really angry. Every time our bombs kill civilians we create more terrorists. Everytime our military invade counties and tries to push democracy ??? (which we know is not the real reason), more terrorists are created. Very basic and simple.

Why do some bullies who need hate in their heart need to blame the other guy? This has been part of our culture for a long time and it serves the Military Complex which includes the seller of planes, bombs, tanks, drones, etal killing devices who make billions and become a big part of the problem.


"While news headlines drive public discourse, it is public discourse that drives policy, and policy is where we win, lose or die in the fight to defeat terrorism.

But given that the US has spent nearly $5 trillion to fight terrorism since 9/11, and given the terrorist threat is quantifiably larger and more dispersed, it’s safe to assume many of our counter-terrorism efforts are misguided and wrongheaded. "

Things are actually proceeding as well as the international oligarchy planned it. Their banks, media, corporations and political apparatus are working smoothly and in concert for their New World Order.


Trump is stirring up a lot of home grown radical white men. Planning to attack a group of Muslims in Georgia and else where, this is the kind of terrorism we will see more of when the election is over. Not to mention the one’s angry about the election being rigged.
We know what causes terrorism in the Middle East, us. But I fear the terrorism that is getting stirred up right here will be the thing we talk about next.

Yes. the first part is correct. Evil greedy white men have caused the grief we see around us, not some nut and his manifesto.