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'Homegrown Terrorists' Are Mostly Motivated by US Atrocities Abroad: FBI


'Homegrown Terrorists' Are Mostly Motivated by US Atrocities Abroad: FBI

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Anger over U.S. military operations abroad was the most commonly cited factor in motivating "homegrown terrorists," according to a secret FBI study reviewed by The Intercept on Tuesday.


nvm …


So It takes an FBI study to reveal what’s basic common sense. The problem with current foreign policy is forgetting that we’re all human beings with the same basic needs, emotions, drives, fears, and desire for access to clean air, water, food, shelter, means to make a living and start and take care of family – our LOVED ones, young or old. I just wonder when more people will start to wake up and see the the power structure/status quo has been perpetuating a never-ending survival/war mentality/cycle of violence from the primitive Ice Age era…when there was no way for populations to communicate easily with one another across great distances to deal with catastrophic issues and send resources or information in the many thousands of ways we can to help one another today. There’s obviously a mentally ill, sociopathological streak running in the halls of power and the multinational corporate minds that run the show that insist on perpetuating the dystopia, the violence, the insanity. The discussion should be about healing, and no one talks about that on either side. It’s unresolved grief, and when it is deep-down unexpressed, the unhealthy dynamic recurs over and over again.


DUHHH!! Now let’s task the FBI with investigating why it gets so darn bright in the east in the morning.


I and the public know
What all schoolchildren learn,
Those to whom evil is done
Do evil in return.

Lines 19-22 of September 1, 1939 by W. H. Auden

Will we ever learn?
It is doubtful if you look at the two major presidential candidates.


I agree with the blowback theory. However, religion also plays a major role.


This is so insidious I don’t know where to start.

This “study” put out by the terrorism fomenting FBI, is squarely aimed at squelching dissent in this country. There can be no doubt that the Sunsteins among us, will pounce on this and think tank yet another angle of attack against those fighting for truth, justice, a more equitable society, and peace.

Bottom line of this bullshit? Well, if you have a problem on principle with US Empire’s policies of slaughter and torture throughout the world, then you will be suspect for domestic terrorism


GFC-“d. I just wonder when more people will start to wake up and see the the power structure/status quo has been perpetuating a never-ending survival/war mentality/cycle of violence from the primitive Ice Age era.”… Much Agreed… Yes to move Humanity to its next level of advancement or its next evolutionary stage, a great Message will be needed. And in addition, humanity will need global events to bring them together as a family or if this cannot be achieved, as our current path demonstrates, humanity and its civilization will perish…A new Message has been delivered, one as great as ones from past days… newmessage.org. May this resonate with all who may find it…


Something isn’t right here.
The politicians keep telling us that the terrorists “hate our way of life” and that’s why they keep trying to kill us.
Which is an accurate statement as long as you keep in mind that the people we keep killing in their homes in the ME with our bombs and guns surely believe that what we’re doing to them reflects our way of life.

  1. The actions of the US government have created many terrorist, both domestic & foreign; “our way of life” in their minds equates " US rogue government actions.
  2. “Our Way of Life” does drive the need for wars which is needed to control or to acquire natural resources from the rest of the world to support our US consumer demand for materials and energy to support “Our way of Life”…very true…Therefore- until we the US consumers decrease our demands and need for resources, wars will continue…We must change “Our way of Life”, or more wars will continue with global destruction and damage.


War for oil=our way of life.


A curious character, is Sunstein.


“But grievances over U.S. military action ranked far above any other factor”

Yes, and there have been several studies that have found this. But it is absolutely NEVER mentioned in TV discussions, EVEN those directly discussing the question “Why do people become radicalized”? And it certainly won’t be allowed into the final presidential debate. The American public won’t be allowed to know that ISIS is Saddam Hussein’s military re-grouped, a result of the U.S. invading Iraq, to benefit the Israelis, who injected religious war into the region by slaughtering innocent Muslims back in 1948.

Now the excellent progressive website Mondoweiss.net is under cyber attack, most likely from the Israelis. The comments section has been down for a couple of weeks. A corrupt piece of software can be replaced by a backup overnight.

The Israelis have a huge motive, well-known cyber warfare capacity, and the opportunity whenever they choose to act. They are the obvious prime suspects. It fits the thoroughly documented pattern of their many attempts to silence discussion on college campuses, where a primary reason for existing is to promote investigation and discussion.

This shows a motive contrary to the normal motives of a democratic society. It is a dictatorial motive, the motive behind tyranny, secrecy, and what is hidden behind the secrecy.


Military contractors hear KATCHING! after every terrorist act.


Good points raised by you and others. Thanks!

After decades of injudicious wars and dubious weapons deals that has clearly resulted in atrocities, and rise of extremist groups such as ISIS and such… the question remains…

Doubtful yes, regarding the Dems and Repubs…

As troubling as it is, that is the unfortunate reality. Both the Dems and Repubs are poisoned by oligarchy dominance consisting of for example, neocon warmongers and crony capitalist who profit from wars and spoils of wars.

And corporate media continues to avoid highlighting the most troubling issues regarding the Clinton’s. Watch the “Clinton Cash Movie” to learn more about crony capitalism and follow the money trail.

Hillary is infamously known as a neocon who embraces “Regime Change” — this is also about opening the corridors for “Arms Trade” and controlling resources. Many of those weapons end up in the hands of extremist groups such as ISIS.

The consequences have always resulted in more atrocities, further deterioration and destabilization of countries, rise of extremist groups such as ISIS and the exodus (refugee crisis). The winners are the oligarchs, whereas the 99%'rs lose, many are living in hell.

Solution: Don’t vote for either Dems or Repubs. Don’t be duped into voting for the lesser of two evils. Don’t be duped yet again by corporate media propaganda.

I support Jill Stein. Respect for the environment and life. Never give up respect for moral values and integrity. Never give up respect for life and the environment.


“bring them together as a family” – Yes!!! I totally agree… we are indeed a GLOBAL FAMILY extending millennia into the past and all around the world. Why anyone would want to deny such a profound and miraculous reality of our beginnings is beyond me – anthropology, archaeology, DNA, the linguistics, even the Judeo-Christian creation myths (stories passed down from generation to generation) have such remarkable similarities to the mitochondrial DNA- Eve and the Y-chromosome Adam theories which surmise that a small group of modern homo sapiens left Africa and into the Middle East some 100,000 years ago to populate the planet. Those who are truly awake see that humanity has indeed been living this Garden of Eden parable in real life and is on the verge of having the long-sought fruit of the Tree of Knowledge…our knowledge and resources today are truly god-like in nature, but humanity is for the most part, lacking the wisdom. I find it a tremendous test of our humanity for whites to finally reckon with what they have done to the core of their humanity by denying the black race as part of their human tree – the totality of their human ancestry, their global identity.


Whu… Hu… W-well ah neva woulda hadda thunked. I thought they were just sitting on the couch one day and, purely out of boredom, decided to hate our freedoms. Well, that’s what George (Bush) and the other parrot trainers told us. Now, would a nice upstanding guy like George lie to you?


That political grievances against U.S. foreign policy are the primary cause of terrorism both at home AND abroad has been well known within CIA and Pentagon circles for years but kept from the public for obvious reasons.

The first book to explain it in compelling fashion was by Robert Pape, a mainstream political scientist at the University of Chicago: DYING TO WIN: The Strategic Logic of Suicide Terrorism (2005).
As other commenters have noted, if this basic truth was widely understood by the American publlc, support for the faux “war on terrorism” would collapse and cynicism regarding actual U.S. motives would skyrocket.


Okay - so if it’s the news of US atrocities abroad that are motivating homegrown terrorists, then the solution is simple.

Jail all the journalists and shut down the Internet. The TV News will only focus on happy, positive “puff pieces” while the state-run media repeats the mantra that “all is well with America and the world”. Soldiers returning home from war will be ordered to not talk about what they saw under pain of death and the death of their families. Instead, they’ll be ordered to tell their families and friends about the poor villages they helped to build and how they brought peace to the world. Anyone caught spreading actual news about what’s really happening will be arrested, tortured and executed.

There you go. Problem solved.


My son at 15 could have written his conclusion so I am not impressed by these experts study. Actually I am amazed for the most part at how stupid our “experts” ( and elected officials in positions of real power) really are. They seem to lose all sense of common sense on their rise through the ranks of law enforcement and politics. HRC is the current perfect example of a blame game these sociopaths do. Instead of accepting her two faced lies, her ineptitude, her stupidity, she blames Putin and Russia for being outed on her speeches she was determined to keep secret (and appears very eager to nuke the country and drone Putin–as she desired to do with Assange or Snow, or both). She deliberately attempted to block all efforts to be hacked and broke the law as SoS. Bush 2 blamed their hatred of the US on our freedoms–Give me a GD break.

I can understand the sellout for money, to keep their position (as useless and meaningless as it is aside from making money and a healthy retirement since corporations write policy and put it into effect. Greed is understandable, but stupidity? That should be a felony, and automatically discount anyone that stupid from public office (or being a cop). So we have bullies, thugs, sociopaths, psychopaths, crooks, liars, criminals in power positions all telling (or killing/jailing) us what’s wrong with our system (they fuc****up) and how they are going to right the ship.

Sure. That has worked out really well in Honduras, Ukraine, the entire ME, Mexico, Central and South America, and the US Imperial Crusade nightmare. Hell, these experts are destroying this country as fast as they are destroying others–and eager for more chaos and destruction.

Here’s the truth: Welcome to Stasi USA. Broken journalism. Better yet–Trump and HRC have arrived and risen lke some GD Phoenix from the sh** pile of the RP and DP making. Well, the rotten to the core Establishment had a huge hand in that creation of Frankenstein and the Queen of Ineptitude and Chaos.