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Homeland Security Targets Families Seeking Asylum

Homeland Security Targets Families Seeking Asylum

Hassan Ahmad

The Department of Homeland Security has begun launching raids against undocumented immigrants, including many women and children, and rushing them into deportation proceedings. As many as 121 asylum seekers have been taken into custody in Georgia, North Carolina, and Texas.

From the Euphrates to the Rio Grande, it would appear that lines in the sand do not serve humanity well.

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One of the fastest, proven ways to diminish (the power of) reason is to up the ante on fear.

Fear carries a multiplier effect. And just as a viable enemy must exist (or be created) in order to justify endless and continuous expenditures to the Homeland Security/Military State, a nation that’s kept in a state of fear has less cause to question the emphasis on all sorts of military operations and divisions.

“Meanwhile, the fear in the Latino community is palpable and deplorable. The raids are increasing distrust of law enforcement in immigrant communities, which discourages crime reporting and weakens the effectiveness of law enforcement itself.”

Add in the fear now established within the Muslim community, what with Trump blasting off about the righteousness of attacking sworn enemies, and surveillance operations targeting mosques…

Add in the fear long established inside the Black Community as, to quote Glen Ford, Blacks are found guilty of driving, walking, and breathing WHILE Black.

Add in the fear felt by many women, particularly those living in charged domestic environments, financial vulnerability (like single Moms), or on college campuses…

Then add in all the hell, brimstone, and fear worked up by all sorts of Fundamentalist preachers in their rants about sin and End Times…

And one sees that the climate within the U.S.–the most heavily armed nation in the world–is completely driven by a blindness that is hardly natural. It’s been manufactured so as to win consent for Big Brother and thereby normalize his scrutiny (and control) over all aspects of citizens’ would-be private lives.

In earlier eras, the town thief was left hanging over the town square. This live vision was presumed to act as a deterrent to others who might contemplate theft.

Today, the treatment of “others” serves as a similar, albeit subliminal deterrent. What it conveys is that if any individual doesn’t realize the privileges they hold, they could “end up like that Muslim,” or tossed out “guest worker,” or “gunned down Black teenager.”

First they came for… but there’s always a second and third tier of targeted players.

While they’re raiding immigrant families and locking up children, the government is practically licking the boots of armed, white seditionists in Oregon. We’re throwing BABIES into detention yet we can’t toss a few right wing wack-a-loons in the clink.

Talk about stuff that makes you want to hurl.