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Homelessness a 'Symptom of Greed' by the Rich, Says Bernie Sanders, Not a Crime by the Poor

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/11/05/homelessness-symptom-greed-rich-says-bernie-sanders-not-crime-poor

My office is near a Salvation Army kitchen, so I see homeless people every day. Most of them are clearly mentally ill. I’m sure they’d qualify for disability if someone guided them through the laborious process.

Yes, because the V.A. has done such a wonderful job in the past 6 decades identifying and assisting ( guiding ) all the human beings they put through the ringer and, then disgorged out into the mean streets. Without treatment, or even recognition, of what they’ve done to them. Same story with those who’ve suffered disabling injuries, stolen wages or medical emergencies and had their credit rating destroyed.
True, some homeless are in need of mental health assistance, but I’d be very careful using words like most. The thin truth, the real " skinny ", is hard to find in these sad affairs.
But, locking people up, confiscating their belongings and burying them in fines is easy and quite American, as well. So, there’s that, too.


It’s no doubt hard to pull yourself up by those bootstraps when the boot is stepping on your neck.
I hate that dam saying.


Did it not occur to these solons that anyone who can afford to pay a $1000 fine is highly unlikely to be sleeping on the sidewalk? This proposed legislation is of a piece with requiring grocery stores to pour bleach onto their expired produce to discourage dumpster-diving. It’s mean-spirited, vindictive, and aimed not at the problem itself, but at its visible manifestations–“out of sight, out of mind,” and all that.

I was thinking the same thing Jim1013. All over Europe high rise, low income housing is available.
To qualify you should be able to sign up with social services at the county or city level and get a one room with bath. The main one in our area has been there for many decades. Well run, clean, and upgraded often. Sort out the mentally and physically challenged to live in a more supervised environment subsidized by the state, perhaps through the Medicaid program.
Of course right-wingers don’t want their tax dollars to go to supporting people that need help.
That is because they are selfish jerks.

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This whole thing smacks of the old vagrancy laws thta were still in effect during the 60’s where people were arrested, jailed, and forced to work for the arresing county as forced labor.