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Homes Guarantee Campaign Demands Housing for All

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/12/19/homes-guarantee-campaign-demands-housing-all


Housing & Health: How can a country not have these two and defeat a pandemic? Not have schools, health clinics, hospitals and libraries, etc. that are healthy places for the public to mingle and work?
Here’s where I don’t see a dimes worth of difference among the leadership and officials of either party. Both apparently are deep in the pockets of the landlords, realtors, banks and hedge funders; large and small alike.
A 3rd Party organized around fair and universal housing and healthcare for all would make sense in this context, certainly. When the pandemic is finally over ( whenever that is ) American reaction to it will more resemble something from the Dark ( Middle ) Ages than the 21st Century in regards to housing, food supplies and medical care, sadly Thanks so much Trump, Mitch, Ron and all the rest of the gang. BTW- " Someone, anyone bring a rope? "


As Jimmy Dore likes to point out - You have to make your demands BEFORE you commit your vote. Not after.


There’s no real negotiating on " life or death " issues with a Mitch McConnell & Steve Mnuchin types. They don’t effin’ care. Trump has been just as insincere and duplicitous before this latest showdown, too. He’s suffering bouts of complete delusion when he’s not being vindictive, that is.
Jimmy Dore isn’t elected to anything. Potshots from the cheap seats at the Three Penny Opera; really, that’s all the smarty smarts got? Weak!

Dore is one of the few still speaking the truth to power, along with Lee Camp, Krystal Ball, Aron Mate, Max Blumanthal, and others.

Someone has to do it in the face of Nothing Will Fundamentally Change.

Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will. Find out just what any people will quietly submit to and you have found out the exact measure of injustice and wrong which will be imposed upon them, and these will continue till they are resisted with either words or blows, or both. The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they oppress.

  • Frederick Douglass

I’ll stick with JD


The miscalculations and overreach by the Republican PTB have forced things to go beyond the status quo, imo. I guess we’ll see on that prediction somewhere around 01/05/21.
And yes, the Dimocrats remain overly cautious, dull and dim. Jimmy and I agree on that.

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All Civilized Countries should have housing for all as a right.

Libya tried this but the USA and allies in the NATO block did not think much of this so bombed that Country to hell so as to ensure a proper “free market” for housing can take over. Now in order for women to get a roof over their heads in Libya they have to count on being bought by a kindly master at the local slave market.

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@KC2669 @dpearl

The only number I saw to assign to an effort to create 12 million units and rehabilitate 1.1 million units was $1 trillion dollars. That’s a big number and is around 80k per unit. I’d want to see competing plans to understand what unit cost is achievable especially if we site these units away from the most expensive land values. What are the yearly costs going to be?

Edit: whoops - calculation mistake, should be 80k per unit not 800k (now fixed above). But now I see this phrased as “initial funding to come from a $1 trillion federal outlay”. Only initial? How much more are we talking?

It is important to build communities for the unhoused close to transportation and health services and jobs unless you want to build lots of new infrastructure as part of the deal which drives costs back up. If land is available, the cost of building self-governed tiny home villages surrounding shared community centers is much lower than the 80K level. I often donate to the projects of Occupy Madison who work with that kind of set up - housing individuals for about 10-15K per person. Habitat for Humanity works on an average cost of 90K for full family housing.


This is also important if your goal is to improve air quality and reduce emissions. Higher density infill development around existing infrastructure and transportation hubs generally reduces automobile use and increases public transit ridership.*

*Want to be clear, there exceptions, such as if public transit is suboptimal. Then you get the worst of both worlds, inefficient and expensive public transit that induces further auto use.


I guarantee it!!

We will just tear down your old dingy affordable buildings now, and give you new ones later. Honest!

You have our words on it!

Yes yes, anything you want. Hope and Change

Yes we can tear them down, and replace them like loaves and fishes. Modern and clean, energy efficient greener than green. Jobs too for your children. Poor will become rich. We guarantee it, my friends. We want to help you. Sleep easy. gentrification wont effect you. Just vote for us.

Yes, there are some minor exceptions, when people dont have enough money, to buy “their” new homes, and that happens a lot, like almost all the time, but don’t be so negative. Just say the magic word “magic housing fix” three times, while pointing up. And put on these magic BLUE slippers.

@dpearl @dara @KC2669

“Communities for the Unhoused” Its so beautiful an idea. Yes we can!

Obama was such an orator. If he can do it, so can we. Just step this way, my renewed urban friends. PPPs will set you free.




We need to get rid of money.
We can do anything once money is out of the calculation.
The profit motive so many people believe in is killing them.
Wake up my friends.
We can build houses, farms for food, and schools and hospitals, Everything.

I need to research more but I have a feeling some of those first lock ins you refer to go back to Bretton Woods. I chose The Atlantic Charter trade deal portion on purpose. (like a note to myself)


The whole country is about to go through that. You can bet in it. People will blame it on Dems but the real culprit is GATS which made it FTA illegal for governments to do any of the things Democratic politicians are promising because generally they involve government subsidies. Everything with almost no exception that involve subsidies are being ended bit by bit and turned over to the invisible hand of the market. This is because workers are becoming more competitive every year as jobs become scarcer so the idea is to enable lots more competition. In areas where US workers are the cheapest, they will get the work, and when workers in Africa are the cheapest, or India, if the deal they are cooking up works out, they will get the deals. So lots of homes will also change hands. Many of our workers will get to take off, for good. They will be on their own.

Check out World Competition Day.

This all seems to me to apply to all the safety net programs too, I suspect, soon, we’ve created a sort of exit strategy for them., since we’ll have so few workers, who arent temporary workers here under different rules… Do you understand my theory?

World Competition Day is about giving the jobs to whomever is cheapest and best. Ending protectionism, and the alleged hoarding of vanishing jobs by the global North countries.

Amazon is doing this, notice how a great many of their workers are subcontractors from Africa, especially.

Thanks, America for being so generous with your jobs.

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Yes. I have been a good student of yours.
I have to ask.

What to we do about it?
How do we stop it?
How do we change it?

What are your recommendations?

Until we get out of these deals, we’re stuck.

The framing of the issues are something you are willfully ignorant of. Where were we when these deals were being struck in the early 1990s?


I just saw your response. Its been my understanding for a long time that the way the monetary system between countries has been set up, it puts substantial constraints on countries economic policy and that the choices we’ve made have been one of the reasons why democracy has been limited and many have strong issues with that “compromise” Read Rodrik on the so called Political Trilemma for example.

I’m sorry that I’ve been snappy with you. Its very frustrating to have people act as if they never heard my responses to them and keep pretending they never saw my explanations.

Another explanation might be that somebody is deleting some, likely a large number of my posts, which would be censorship. The reason is obvious, the two parties have set up a scheme here, actually its been in place a long time and its a capture of democracy. This is no joke, lots of people are dying because of it. Whomever is censoring my posts, you are doing yourselves no favors by hiding all this stuff. because there needs to be a hive mind toi figure out what to do, collectively., Its also in my opinion evil to try to portray a body of behaviors such as the kind we are seeing to be only the fault of “Republicans”. The two parties are likely to be playing games with the people of this country and we the people don’t deserve this and ultimately, it is either a crime or should very much be. The medical implications of holding the country’s healthcare hostage are staggering and likely to be a crime against humanity. I urge you to stop this.

This Senate hearing from 25 years ago


captures some of what was going on at what seems to have been an early stage of the corruption.

Now we are 25 years into it.

By the way GATS is why we no longer have public housing, or public almost anything else.

the bills our country enacts to prevent the media from knowing the real cause seem to be a common cover up technique.

Bill Clinon’s Administration is clearly when this really exploded. Since them all Administrations have been part of this scheme, with Trump trying to pretend he was not, probably they made some kind of deal with Trump to be the bad guy they could defeat to make it look like we chose to give up so much of our democracy. A sort of straw man extrinsic fraud scheme.

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It has been a thought of mine also.
I need to finish a radio show I started… I immediately thought about the GATS ratchet effect system you told me about, while listening about the covid corporate shield legislation. hang on a sec…


This week on CounterSpin: More than 308,000 US women, men and children have died of Covid-19. That devastating toll has been borne disproportionately by Black and brown people in dangerous occupations and at the short end of an unequal healthcare system. Workers in fields, factories and hospitals, endangered by the pandemic, are now held up as pawns, as some lawmakers look to make workers’ health and safety a “tradeoff” for Covid relief. We talk about efforts to gut worker protections under the guise of economic support with Jessica Martinez, co-executive director of the National Council for Occupational Safety and Health.

As I listened to this piece of legislation being discussed, which removes every single right a worker has in America, during the Covid crises of course, I realized that you said , “once it is ratcheted down, it cannot legally go back up” As I pointed out the other day on another thread, most of our law makers are lawyers. The problem with lawyers is they want to follow the law (or manipulate it so it is still legal). If a WTO lawyer tells our congress person , “hey you cant do that because the law” our congress person will say “oh, ok” We have the opportunity to change things, as long as we change something about the laws.
I have a friend who always says (no joke)
("That’s what you get when you let lawyers make the laws.)

Also on the show: Congressional hearings supposedly aimed at addressing concerns around the power of Big Tech have not been the best venue for those concerns (the fact that many congresspeople couldn’t be bothered to learn how to say Google CEO’s Sundar Pichai’s name being the merest indication). The wheels of accountability are slowly turning in tech companies’ direction: An antitrust lawsuit against Google, our guest says, won’t address every important concern, but could usher in some scrutiny on companies that have been given a pass for too long. We’ll talk with Mitch Stoltz, senior staff attorney at the Electronic Frontier Foundation.