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Homes, Markets, Mosques, Schools: Civilian Deaths by Explosives Soar


Homes, Markets, Mosques, Schools: Civilian Deaths by Explosives Soar

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

For the third year in a row, global civilian deaths and injuries caused by explosive weapons has increased—in some areas making up 92 percent of casualties, a new report published Monday by the international advocacy group Action on Armed Violence (AOAV) revealed.


And many of those weapons were made by and/or sold by the good ol’ USA. And it’s often outsourced to a shady middleman, so the govt. can wash its hands, like Pontius Pilate.

And that’s not counting the drones we intentionally send in to kill.


Nothing heats up the planet like War. Nothing.

The Big Karma Blowback is this:
World War will make the One Percent extinct also. Already I’m reading about possible nuke power plant accidents in the Ukraine and previously in Iran. Plutonium (Pu-239) is a global killer. It’s the principle behind the Global Chessmaster’s MAD (Mutual Assured Destruction).

After a full-exchange of nuclear ICBM weapons, no human will be able to survive the radioactive fallout.

The Fukushima triple-meltdown is killing off all life in the Pacific Ocean, since bomb material: MOX (plutonium oxide) was being used in Reactor 3 and enough spent fuel rod assemblies to kill every thing on the planet was stored in a cooling pool right above the reactor that exploded and throughout the site (12,000 assemblies with 65 rods in each.) We just can’t afford any more of these. If nuke plants can’t cool, we all die. From hot rivers to cyclonic weather flooding, we are in grave peril. And May was the hottest month in the history of Man according to NOAA.

War is an outdated method of the One Percent to make money and control populations, and it doesn’t work. We are in the throws of the Sixth Greatest Extinction event according to biologists. Why throw fuel on the fire? Let’s demand the MICC retool for global solar and wind and make that their new mission. Not “surgically removing terrorists” which is a fabricated lie, that destroys us all in the long run.


As has been pointed out many times. War is the most profitable business on the planet. Planning for war is profitable for the MICC.

  • Building and storing weapons and munitions is profitable for the MICC.
  • Sales to all sides of any conflict is very profitable for the MICC.
  • The MICC and the 0.001% consider that six billion people have no value and use up resources that they consider to be theirs, so they can be eliminated. Therefore, peace is not profitable for the MICC.
  • Coal, oil, gas and nuclear power are profitable to the 0.001%. Any green or conservation movement reduces their profits, so they can be obstructed or removed if they are seen to be effective.
  • GMOs, pesticides and other horrors are very profitable for Big Ag and the Chemical companies, so movements to control them are to be fought as reducing profit.
  • Hmmm, I think a pattern is forming here. Perhaps Humanity should wake up and force a change on that pattern before it is too late!