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Honduran Family Sues US Govt for Separation Lawyers Say Was Deliberately Meant to 'Torment and Traumatize'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/05/29/honduran-family-sues-us-govt-separation-lawyers-say-was-deliberately-meant-torment


It seems that many humans with power seem to be inherently cruel. As a former teacher who is white but has taught all races, I have lost a lot of sleep over the detention of children as young as five, maybe even younger. I can’t even imagine how horrible it feels to be torn away from the mother’s arms by people with guns and uniforms. Then I see after so much protest and rioting, the killer cop gets charged with murder in the 3rd degree, while the other 3 didn’t even get arrested. White privelege at it’s worst. When is this nightmare going to be over? When the trumpian thugs are out of power.

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While I agree with the bulk of your post, this will not be over when/if Trump is removed. This injustice (the separation of immigrant families) started under Obummer, it won’t end until neoliberalism is dead and in it’s grave IMO.


Agreed, but we can only hope. Not the hope and change of Obama, not even Bernie the sellout, but from everyone rising up and fighting every injustice. Will it happen? Probably not.

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From an indispensable investigative journalism series from mid to late 1990’s about 1980’s clandestine operations of U.S. Shadow Government in Honduras at the time nicknamed the USS HONDURAS for how much military and high tech NSA equipment with manpower was based in the tiny Central American beach-head for Washington’s secret wars leading up to and including Iran-contra. Note how mainstream reporting and publishing within spitting distance of Langley, VA and Wash DC included historical context now completely absent or condensed into a single haiku length paragraph in corporate-captured press or what is left of it.

When a wave of torture and murder staggered a small U.S. ally, truth was a casualty.

By By Gary Cohn and Ginger Thompson

Sun Staff |

Jun 11, 1995 | 3:00 AM

From the BALTIMORE SUN by Ginger Thompson, Gary Cohn and a couple years later followed up by Susan Peacock. None of these journalists won any accolades much less awards for their reporting and analysis. None entered the broadcast news world’s Golden Rolodex of experts even when Honduran children who survived their parents’ paid smugglers across Mexico and began lining up without their parents at the U.S. border in a Hail Mary pass of their progeny out of such desperation for what Washington policy decade after bi-partisan decade wrought in the name of client state bid-net.

When Madame Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (note her location and residence during the above investigative series and revelations of the 1990’s) graduated as U.S. Senator from Wall Street and ran for President v. Barack Obama in the Democratic Party primaries their main differences were not over economic policy, but the young Chicago Senator stood alone in voting down the 2003 U.S. invasion of Iraq. Then Senator Clinton voted to authorize the order argued for not on 9-11-01 security grounds since Saddam Hussein’s Iraqi regime were among the fiercest anti-Islamist forces in the Arab World and arch-rivals of the Saudi Royal family, for half a century among Washington’s closest client states. Nevertheless, when Obama prevailed and became President he named his arch foreign policy rival Senator Clinton to be his cabinet’s Secretary of State!

Within months the democratically anti-corruption re-elected President of Honduras of the Liberal Party, Mel Zelaya was escorted from his bed in pajamas by Honduran military junta who put him on a plane out of the country. Secretary of State Madame Clinton made sure the change of governments in Honduras went smoothly and there was no loss of funding to the Honduras military. President Obama disagreed with her tacit (or more) support but allowed Ms Clinton to enforce U.S. policy. The only national journalists to raise this issue the next time Madame Secretary of State ran for President no Democratic party opponent or Republican opponent in any of the televised debates or from a year of televised campaigning ever challenged Ms Clinton on her role in the escalating inhuman tragedy of the USS Honduras lined up at our border by the thousands of unaccompanied children from Honduras trying to get smuggled into the U.S. by desperate parents.

Only Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez with Nermeen Sheikh at community radio\tv news and public affairs daily program DEMOCRACY NOW challenged Candidate Clinton on her record in the Honduran coup seven years earlier:

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Some chutzpah. First they violate the international border, breaking into the U.S. Then they demand a share of what citizen taxpayers have earned. And finally, they sue us for cruelty because law enforcement follows the law. And at the end, win or lose, U.S. taxpayers will pay for the army of shysters who help them stay and avail themselves of a lavish list of free stuff. sheesh.

With a father in the US, it is beyond cruel to separate the kids and send them to detention.

It is LONG past time to stop traumatizing those who are fleeing trauma and to honor national and international law, and – above and beyond those laws – the law of human decency!!!

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PS. It isn’t the refugee seekers who are breaking the law – it’s those who send them back to danger, tear families apart – and who incarcerate children and adults in inhumane conditions in the midst of a pandemic that threatens their lives.

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